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Matt Elgie's 1978 Free-Wheel'n Bronco Ranger XLT, Oak Park, IL.


I don't think I will ever cease to be amazed by the timeless beauty of second-generation Broncos. However, every once in a while you run across one that is so unique that it simply takes your breath away.


Well, Matt's '78 Free-Wheel'n Bronco is one such vehicle. It is, with out a doubt, the perfect example of the "Ultimate 4WD Utility Vehicle". Matt's Bronco has a fresh 460 engine with a Edelbrock Performer 750 carb, MSD billet distributor, Jacobs Pro Street ignition w/ Torquer coil, and full dual exhaust. The Bronco gets all that power to the ground through 4.10 gears front and rear and 32x11.50 Wild Country tires mounted on 15x10 ARE AR-136 alloy wheels.


Matt's truck is real Free-Wheel'n Bronco and features the original black paint and orange stripes, a factory GT sport steering wheel and the factory GT roll bar. The truck's beautiful interior has been enhanced with a Sony ES CDX-860 CD/Tuner Head Unit with Eclipse 6-1/2" Coaxial Speakers and a
AutoMeter Street tachometer.


Matt has plenty of plans for his Bronco in the future, including 33x12.5x15 MT Baja Claw Radials, Flowmaster Deltaflow mufflers, L&L Ultra Flow Headers, 1979 Ford Captain's Chairs, High Back Bucket Seats, Rancho RS9000 shocks, 12" Extended Radius Arms, and big prerunner-style tubular bumpers. You can see a little more about Matt's Bronco at:


MElgie01.jpg (79466 bytes)

MElgie02.jpg (73136 bytes)

MElgie03.jpg (94512 bytes)

MElgie04.jpg (93229 bytes)

-- That's SWEET!

Miguel Zavala's 1979 Bronco, Southern California


The wining hand in a poker game and $500.00 was all Miguel needed to walk away smiling with his new toy, a nice '79 Bronco! It came w/ Hooker headers, a mild cam, Edelbrock intake, Edelbrock 
650 carb, Holley fuel pump and dual 2-chamber FlowMasters. Needless to 
say, everyone knows when Miguel and his Bronco are come'n! 

Miguel has lots of plans for his new "prize" and plans on lifting it soon with a 9'' suspension lift, a 2'' body lift, and a set of 44" tires he already has for it. The orange F-Series in the pictures below is Miguel's "other" toy.  


M_Zavala_02.JPG (26424 bytes) M_Zavala_03.JPG (20849 bytes) M_Zavala_150.JPG (33102 bytes)

-- Hmm...... how do I get in on this game? I'm not a bad poker player myself! :o

Dan Cleary's 1979 Bronco Ranger XLT, Acton, Massachusetts

This Bronco is Dan's first Bronco he bought when he was just 17 years old and of course he still has it. The Bronco has a rebuilt 351M and a C6 trans. It may be a simple setup, but as you can tell from the pictures, it's still very fun!

Dan's second Bronco (the "clean" green one in the second picture below) also had a 351M. Over time Dan added 36" swampers, a roll bar, custom cement-filled bumpers, a Hurst shifter, gages, an air horn, and a CB. He later sold sold it to buy a '70 Mustang, but he still really misses the truck.

D_Cleary_02.jpg (67762 bytes) D_Cleary_03.jpg (43434 bytes)

-- I could have sworn I saw a "no wake" sign in the aerial photo of Dan's Bronco. :-)

Chad Campbell's 1979 Bronco Custom, Connecticut


Chad is 16 years old and has been been looking for quite some time for his first car when one day he saw the perfect vehicle right on the side of the road. Chad bought this bronco a little over a year
ago for an amazing $400.00. It didn't have an engine in it when he bought it, but the body and interior is in near mint condition. Chad and his father picked up a 351W for it, rebuilt it and put it in the Bronco. They also rebuilt the transmission and installed a mild shift kit. The Bronco has 35 inch Rugged Terrain tires now but Chad plans on upgrading to 38's in the near future. 


-- Chad, you couldn't have picked a better vehicle as a first car. If you take care of it, your (future) son or daughter just might get it one day. I was 18 when I got my Bronco. I'm 31 now and still drive it every day :-)

Grace and Tracy Plott's 1978 Bronco Ranger XLT, Corapeake, NC.

Grace and Tracy Plott are the proud owners of this fantastic yellow and white Bronco. This baby has a freshly rebuilt 460 engine with a performance package that includes Keith Black Hypereutectic Pistons at 10.2:1 compression, a high volume oil pump, double roller timing set and some minor head work to help bring the 460 to life. It also has aluminized 3" exhaust and 2-chamber Flow master mufflers. The C-6 Auto tranny has been serviced and is ready to rock and roll with the best of them. The suspension has been lifted 9" and the body has been lifted 3" using all new Poly bushings. In the rear it has a GM 14-bolt full floater axle running 4.56 gears and the front has had a D-44 axle running 4.56 gears as well plus it has an inverted 8 lug tip conversion. All the factory bushings have been replaced with Poly bushings except for the rear leaf springs. For stopping power the truck has the F-350 power booster and Master Cylinder upgrade and all that stopping power is used via 4 wheel disc brakes. The Bronco currently has a set of 38.5 Super Swamper Radials mounted on Eagle 589 8 lug rims. The truck has too many upgrades and modifications to possible list them all here but needless to say it has been a labor of love for my wife and myself. 

Future plans for their Bronco a set of Super Swamper 44 STSs, install Bushwacker cut out fender flairs, finish detailing the engine compartment and getting the truck back to the paint shop to have the yellow matched to the interior. 

GT_Plott_05.jpg (70521 bytes) GT_Plott_06.jpg (48859 bytes) GT_Plott_09.jpg (52548 bytes) GT_Plott_10.jpg (116454 bytes) GT_Plott_11.jpg (125967 bytes)
GT_Plott_07.jpg (86205 bytes) GT_Plott_13.jpg (82580 bytes) GT_Plott_12.jpg (63330 bytes) GT_Plott_08.jpg (81217 bytes) GT_Plott_14.jpg (96547 bytes)

-- She's a beauty and is one of my favorites! Congratulations on your find :)

Eric Whitlow's 1979 Bronco Ranger XLT, Muskegon, Michigan


Eric has recently acquired this '79 Bronco Ranger XLT. This is the first 4x4 he has ever owned and he is confident he has made the right choice. Erick has already rebuilt the original 351M and added an Edelbrock Performer intake and carb. He has also had the transfer case and transmission rebuilt and had 4.10 gears installed in both axles and a Detroit Locker in the rear.


motor1.jpg (32989 bytes)In addition to the work he is performing on his Bronco, Eric is also slowly restoring a '79 F150. 


-- Actually Eric, you have two of the best trucks ever built!

Crystal Cordova's 1978 Bronco Ranger XLT, Colorado.

Crystal is the proud new owner of this super-nice 351M powered '78 Ranger XLT. The previous owner only put 20,000 miles on it during the last 8 years, and based on the condition of this Bronco, it looks like it was well taken care of too. She got a fantastic deal on it as well and says that, "I could have tapped to the song I bought it for". This is Crystal's first 4x4 and she plans to take very good care of it.

-- Well, if you take care of him, he'll always take of you! You have a VERY lucky Bronco there :-)

Matt Fights 1978 Bronco Custom (Grizzly Bear)


Matt's Bronco had a shot 351M ,36" TSL Swampers, and 7 inches of lift when he first bought his Bronco from a friend. During the next two years Matt spent nearly $10,000.00 getting it back to show-ready condition. A few of the things that Matt replaced were the "dead" 351M with a 400 and the TSL Swampers with 35" BFG tires. The truck went through just about any thing the local 4x4 club of Dodge and Chevys could through at it during this time, hence the nickname "Grizzly Bear". 


As luck would have it, Matt and his rig were recently involved in a nasty rollover. He was able to drive the Bronco away from the accident, but the body suffered a lot of damage. He has decided to part it out but stresses the fact that he already has a '79 Bronco lined up to replace it! This truck was Matt's first 4x4 and he no intentions of replacing it with a different type of 4x4.


M_Fights02.jpg (19398 bytes) M_Fights03.jpg (18934 bytes) M_Fights04.jpg (13937 bytes) M_Fights05.jpg (16467 bytes)


-- [significant other] So, what did you do today? 

-- [Matt] Ah, went to the store, stopped by a friend's house, rolled the Bronco -- nothing special. And you?

Some VERY lucky person who purchased this 1978 Bronco Custom Camper from East Side Auto Sales in East Wenatchee, Washington.


I'm going against protocol here and post a Bronco that is not owned by a reader of this site. When I received this picture in email, I just had to post it because this could be the ONLY picture in existence of second-generation Bronco with a pop-up camper! This picture was originally posted to the Big Bronco mailing list as a link to East Sides Auto Sales website. This beautiful '78 Custom features a 351M, 4-speed, A/C, built in furnace, a 3-burner stove, and that is sleeps 4 people.


I do not think that this pop-up camper was installed at the factory. I think this is a RARE camper insert manufactured by Four Wheel Campers. I know that there was a company (probably Four Wheel Campers) that used to make these things many years ago but discontinued it due to a lack of sales. If you are the current owner of this beauty or know who the current owner is, please drop me a line and let me know! Hopefully she went to a good home :-)



A gentleman that works for 4-Wheel Campers recently contacted me and confirmed that this camper was in fact made by his company. In fact, he was kind enough to share some pictures he has of other 4x4 trucks with these RARE camper inserts. Check out these pictures below!


Blazer with Camper2.jpg (84900 bytes) Bronco Camper.jpg (42798 bytes) ScoutandCat1.jpg (37546 bytes) Bronco3.jpg (51016 bytes)


-- Now this is what I call the perfect "dog house". I couldn't wait to get kicked of the house if I had one of these!




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