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Bronco of the year for 2001

Chuck Gehrke's (Term) 1979 Bronco Custom, Salem, NJ

Those of us who are old enough to have watched the movie, "2001 Space Odyssey" when it first came out may recall thinking to themselves at the time, "Wow! I wonder if we'll even be around when the year 2001 comes?" Well, not only are we still around, but the year 2001 has almost come and gone! Hard to believe, isn't?

The year 2001 is perhaps the most memorable year in my life time, with so many landmark events happening that one's head just starts spinning when ever you think about. I believe that, with out a doubt, the most significant event of this year, and perhaps the last 50 years, was the terrorist attack on the World Trade Center in New York City that caused so much destruction and loss of life. This evet has changed all of our lives forever and has brought the American people closer together than at any time since WWII. 

Given the significance of the WTC attack on America, it was easy choosing this year's Bronco-of-the-year. All I had to do was take one look at Chuck's truck and I knew, then and there, that this Bronco was the one. I have received countless Broncos this year, many of which could easily have won this honor, but I don't think anyone will disagree with me that a 7,100 lb, 4-Wheel-Drive American Flag with 44" tires wins hands-down!

While the stunning American flag paint job (which Chuck did himself!) is reason enough to make this baby Bronco-of-the-year, it's a very impressive Bronco to say the least, regardless of what color it is. It came from the factory with a 400, but now has 460 w/ a RV cam and a 850 Holley Double-Pumper flowing through full dual 2 1/4" exhaust with aluminized pipes and aluminum-cased turbo mufflers. The drive train features a rebuilt C6 w/ a shift kit, a lowered transfer case (by 4"), a custom rear drive shaft eliminating the CV joint, a D60 in the rear on rolled perches and a D44 with F250 knuckles and dual piston calipers up front. It has a Detroit Locker in the rear and a Track-Lock LSD in the front, both with 5:13 Yukon gears. The suspension is a 9" Skyjacker suspension lift and a 3" body lift, all supported by 44" Ground Hawgs on 14x16.5 Monster Wheels. The interior features '84 Mustang bucket seats, new carpet, a Sunpro Monster tach, Cobra CD w/ a 150 watt amp, and a CD player. Finally, the exterior enhancements include a Lund Visor, new window seals & weather striping, a new tailgate, new polly cab mounts, and Bushwacker cut-out fender flares.

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Chuck says that you wouldn't believe the "thumbs-up" he gets from everyone no matter where he drives his Bronco. He drives it every day and takes great pride in the work he does to it, and believe me, it shows.

-- My hat is off to you. All I know is that if I saw this baby driving down the road, I'd have to pull over and pay tribute.

Joseph Andrassay's 1979 Ford Bronco Custom, Raleigh, North Carolina


This is a 1979 Ford Custom Bronco. It has been highly modified starting with a massive 460 V8 that has oversized cams and a Holley Carb followed by a pro-flow air filter which I changed to an Weilder 10 inch air filter which I am double stacking. Under the hood you will find dual batteries needed to run all the accessories and what not. Also there is a brake booster that applies 18 pounds of pressure on the brakes at all times so i can stop this beast. An MSD ignition will be installed soon along with flex fans and an electric fan on the outside of the radiator. Under the body is a 4 inch suspension lift with a 3 inch body lift. Headers flow out under the hood backed up with performance mufflers. There is a Dana 44 upfront I believe followed by a NP205 I was told along with a C-6 trans with a Ford 9 inch in the rear. That is what I was told when I bought this bronco. In front of the 34 gallon gas tank is another radiator that is cooled by dual electric fans. Inside the cab, it is totally restored with an all black interior, new gauges for the bat, oil, and temp. A tachometer installed on the Grant steering wheel. I built a box that contains a 40 channel cobra CB with a CD player, switches for two sets of off-road lights and switches for the CB and PA system. All that is covered by black speaker carpet. The other goodies are the Soft top, Massive front bumper holding the 10,000 pound Ramsey winch, and rear tow package and all is shown up with a Royal Duke Blue paint job and 16x38.5x15 inch brand new TSLs on cutout fenders with flares. This is a beast off-road and is unstoppable. 


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-- Now that's a mean Bronco, no holds bared.

Allan Ludeman's 1978 Ford Bronco, Tulsa, Oklahoma

I'm only 16 yet i own the one of the best full-size 4x4s in existence. I purchased this '78 Bronco in 2001 for $5,500, not bad for this rebuilt machine. The motor is a 400 V8 with a K&N air filter, C6 trans w/ shift kit, comp. 280H cam w/ vacuum canister, Headman Headers, 2 1/2'' flowmaster exhaust, MSD ignition w/ billet distributor, & dual Flex-a-Lite cooling fans. The cameo paintjob is custom, done by the previous owner. This Bronco features a Rancho 4'' lift w/ RS9000 shocks riding on 37x12.5 TSL Super Swampers. Dana44 front axle w/ 4.09 gears, 9'' rear end Detroit Locker w/ 4.10 gears. This Bronco also sports a Ramsey Pro 9000 Winch inside the front bumper, and Trailmaster strut arm brackets. The inside is great as well featuring Steel Horse seats, a 6 point roll cage, Tuffy Lock box, Auto Meter tach & gauges, Ford Sport steering wheel, custom sunroof, Panasonic 50x4 deck, 8'' MTX rear subs w/ Panasonic 6x9s, Cobra CB radio, & new carpeting. Sorry for no interior pics, i will take and send some in soon.


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-- Oh dude, love the cameo paint job!

Steve's 79 Bronco Custom, Aston, Pennsylvania

I've got a 79 bronco that i picked up for $300. That's right, $300! It's got the normal rust around the quarter panels but other that that it's straight. The trans was going and it had a broken U-joint and shock, had the trans rebuilt and fixed the other stuff. Put some new seats in out of a grand am and got some serious stereo equipment in her.


Steve_in_PA_01.jpg (69115 bytes) Steve_in_PA_02.jpg (56033 bytes) Steve_in_PA_03.jpg (59149 bytes) Steve_in_PA_04.jpg (59431 bytes)

The Bronco has a 351M (rebuilt i think, or freshly painted) C6 , 33" BFG's , glass packs 
the usual goodies. It's my daily driver and I'm a mechanic at a ford dealership. Anyway, this is my forth bronco but my first 79. I have an 86 Bronco as well. 

John Horvath's 1978 Bronco Ranger XLT, US Army.

Just became 2nd owner of this 78 Ranger XLT in DEC 2001. Glad my
wife liked it as much as I did! She was redone from the ground up in 1997 by the original owner. He was pulling a fairly large camper into the mountains of North Georgia, so decided to upgrade to a 460. The motor is pretty much stock except for an Edelbrock hi-rise intake and Edelbrock carb. Tranny is a C6 which was rebuilt and beefed with a shift kit. Interior has new carpet, custom headliner, new dash pad, new custom velour front buckets with center seat/console, new Sony CD player. A 4" lift with heavy duty coils in front and heavy leafs in rear provide clearance for the 35"x12.50 Uniroyal Laredo M/T's mounted on Eagle alloys. Bought her at what I feel is a good price (since I'm not getting rich in the Army!) which will allow me to make further upgrades in the many years I plan on owning her. My 11 yr old son and 11 yr old daughter are already fighting over who is going to drive her when they are old enough! Have a 2 month old son that I hope will have the pleasure someday, also.

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Ruben Rodriguez's 1979 Bronco Ranger XLT, Pecos, Texas

This is my 1979 ford Bronco. I bought this Bronco in 1997 I've redone the inside new carpet had the seat recovered and added wood trim inside. I've replaced the windshield and added a 5 inch lift kit it sits on 35x12.50 tires and has 12.5 Wheelson rims. I replaced the steering gear box. I add the sun visor. The engine in it was a 400 but it was worn out I replaced it with a 351M engine. Future plans are to install a 460 engine in it and also replace the door panels and tail gate. 

Bill Barker's 1978 Bronco


Here is my Bronco. It is a 78 with a 400. I put a 3 inch body lift in and 33 inch wheels. I found it in a back yard under a tree so i asked about it and the guy wanted 500 for it, but I would not pay that much for it. It had both spring packs broken, the brakes were shot, the paint was gone and it had animals living in it so I gave him 400 for it and told him I would drive it away. He did not believe me and told me it had not run in 2 years. It took me 2 hr, a sixpack, some oil, some new gas and a screw driver to get it started, but when it did I drove it a way. Now it looks like this. This is me at a mud run in Maine with the same engine that came from the factory that now has 200,000 miles on it came in 4th out of 40 trucks.

Brandy Woodrow's 1978 Bronco Ranger XLT, Fargo, North Dakota.

I belong to Red River Off-Road, which is a really great 4x4 club up here in the north. My 78' bronco started out as a blue and white rust machine. I
know what your saying the bronco you see is brown and tan. Well I owned the rusted out one before I spotted this one. So for 1,500 dollars I bought it. It was pretty stock with running boards and all, but most importantly it had very little rust, so it was a great truck to start over with. Since the new rig was stock with full time 4 wheel
drive and no lift I had a lot of swapping to do and wow was that not a fun thing to do, I found out things like the output shaft on the tranny was different lengths, which meant more swapping then a person wants to do. I also had been building a 460 for the bronco and that was great. There's nothing better then a shiny newly built motor sitting in a Bronco, and firing that bad boy up for the first time is a great feeling. Since I have been in the club the truck sees a lot more trails now, which is great because it's a great feeling when those jeep guys are impressed with the function of the Bronco. My future plans are paint and body work, wristed radius arms, maybe hinged leaf spring and 2 more inches of lift. Below is a list of what is done to my 78' Bronco:

Engine: 460 ,bored 30 over, Edelbrock intake, cam and carb and various other goodies inside like double roller timing chain, etc.

Lift: 4 inch suspension, 3 inch body, dual stabilizers

Tires: 35 inch BFGoodrich Mud Terrain TA/KOs (I have been really impressed with the new tire design)

Interior: Pretty stock with the exception of the CD player, amps, and 12 inch subs. I like my music I guess. Must be that 80's blood in me or something.

Misc: Rear receiver custom mounted inside the frame rails (No pics yet). I plan on doing the same for the front.

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Tom McCauley's 1979 Bronco Ranger XLT, Indiana


This is my 79 bronco XLT. I am 19 and this is my first truck. It has 90k original miles on the 351m. The picture at the right is the way it looked when I got it. I got this bronco when I dug a hole for my neighbor. Yea you heard right DUG A HOLE! I just started doing anything to it. I have a Skyjacker 6 inch lift and 33 inch cheapo tires. Some engine mods I have but haven't had the time to get on there are an Edelbrock Performer intake, Holley 4 barrel carb and a K & N air filter. It also has a great sound system, loud enough to hear it over my "nothin but manifold" exhaust. I custom made all my interior panels out of treated plywood and wrapped them with black carpet. I also removed the back seat to have a little more cargo area

Some future plans are: 

Dana 60 conversion
New rear leaf springs
Skyler soft top 
4.56 gears and lockers
40 inch boggers and new rims
black paintjob with red racing stripes
3 inch body lift
and flowmaster exhaust

T_McCauley_02.jpg (39249 bytes) T_McCauley_03.jpg (50463 bytes) T_McCauley_04.jpg (52275 bytes)




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