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Bob Crawford's 1979 Bronco Ranger XLT, Cheektowaga, NY.


This post is actually a tribute to a fallen Bronco. This beautiful black Ranger XLT was recently totaled in an accident. As you can see from the photos Bob took immaculate care of his Bronco. Taking it 4-wheeling in the woods was one of Bob's and his daughter's favorite pastimes. As sad as it is to see a nice old Bronco like this totaled in an accident, Bob isn't going to let it go to waste. He has just purchased a very rare 79 Bronco Ranger XLT Lariat Trailer Special! He still has the old Bronco and plans to use it for parts to help restore the new one. As soon as he gets the Lariat looking good he plans on posting it here in the Bronco Showroom. 


R_Crawford2.jpg (48854 bytes) R_Crawford3.jpg (47921 bytes)


-- With a good little helper like that, he should have have his next Bronco restored in no time! (Hmm... I need one of these!)

Kevin Munson's 1979 Bronco Custom, Okalahoma. (Double-Agent 0079)


Now here's a Bronco project that should be of interest to everyone. Kevin is currently in the process of doing a complete, frame-off restoration on this Bronco. He plans on building it similar to the Megalodon project Bronco on this site, only a little more aggressive. Best of all, Kevin is documenting the entire project on the web. To see more pictures and to follow along with Kevin's project, visit his site at 


This Bronco is equipped with a 351M (soon to be a 400), a T-18 tranny, and a NP 205 transfer case. Just some of the modifications Kevin plans for his project Bronco is adding a 4" Superlift, 36" SuperSwampers, 4.56 gears, a Detroit Locker in the rear, a True-Trac in the front, and undercoating the entire Bronco with Line-X.


-- I've looked over Kevin's pictures and let me tell you, this is a true frame-off resto. This is going to be one of the nicest second-generation Broncos around when it's done!

Mark Burns' 1978 Bronco Ranger XLT, Union, Missouri


When Ford introduced the new Big Bronco for the 1978 model year, it was one of the most popular vehicles around. People couldn't wait to order one of these babies from Ford dealers, and Mark was one of the first people in line to get one! He had to wait six months to get it, but from the looks of things, it was well worth the wait because after 23 years and well over 200K miles later, he still owns it! Mark ordered this Bronco with the 400 engine, 4-speed trans, off-road & handling package (quad shocks & rear sway bar), 3.50 limited-slip diffs, no rear seat, and swing-away mirrors.


Since Mark has owned his Bronco, he has installed a Detroit Locker in the rear, dual exhaust, K&N air filter, traction bars, a 4" lift, a high-performance dampening shock, and 14x36" Grand Prix mud tires on 15" Western White Spoke Wheels.


J_Schwartz02.jpg (27145 bytes) J_Schwartz03.jpg (31422 bytes)


One other interesting piece of history with this Bronco is that Mark started out 4-wheeling with Bob Chandler -- the creator of the famous "Big Foot" monster trucks. He even bought his first wheels, tires, and lift kit from Bob's 4x4 shop in St. Louis.


-- Oh if only all Broncos could talk. Just imagine all the stories they could tell...

Bill Jennings' 1979 Bronco Ranger XLT, Seymour Johnson AFB, North Carolina


This is Bill's 1979 Bronco. He purchased the Bronco from the original owner for just $900.00 and is slowly restoring it to it's former glory! The Bronco has been sitting since 1991. After soaking the cylinders for 2 days in tranny fluid, rocking the crank back and forth, and installing a new carb the old 351M came right back to life! The Bronco is equipped with a NP 435 4-speed and a NP 205 transfer case. So far he has repaired all of the rust on the Bronco and is currently working on the exhaust system.


Just some of the things Bill plans to install on his Bronco is a 4V carb & intake, dual exhaust with headers, new springs, and new 32" Procomp AT tires.


B_Jennings02.jpg (25009 bytes) B_Jennings03.jpg (38639 bytes)


-- A wise man one said, "It's nice to fly a Bronco after a long day's work driving air planes". ;-)

Steve Sellers 1979 Bronco Ranger XLT, Dallas, Texas.


This almost perfect Bronco is one of the best I've seen! Steve has spent the last year and a half restoring his Bronco from the ground-up. It has a brand new torque-monster 400 with 9:1 flat top pistons, Comp Cams Hi-Energy cam kit, Edelbrock Intake and a Carter 625 CFM carb. It also has a new transmission, new Track-Lock diff in the rear, and a new drive shaft by Spicer Driveline Tech.


Steve has installed all new carpet, seat covers (original Ford), Grant steering wheel, Borgeson shaft, dash cover, Keenwood tuner & CD player w/amp & 4 speakers, 2.5" exhaust system w/ Flow Master muffler, 4 33" BFG All-Terrain KO tires, brakes & power booster, ignition module, battery, starter, solenoid, cables, max-cool radiator, factory non step chrome rear bumper, fuel pump, MSD coil, 6 RS 6000 shocks (has factory quads up front), polly track arm bushings, and a top-of-the-line green and tan paint job. Steve stressed the fact that everything on this Bronco has been professionally installed.


S_Sellers02.jpg (39363 bytes) S_Sellers03.jpg (46377 bytes)


Steve has sold this Bronco to a couple who is going to use it as daily driver and as a tow vehicle. Who knows? Maybe Steve will buy another 78-79 Bronco one day.


-- Well, who ever you guys are that are the proud new owners of this beauty, I wish you well and I'm sure you'll get many years of good service out of it. (Just go easy on her as she is one of my favorites!) 

Omer & Al Dean's 1979 Bronco Ranger XLT, Atlanta, Georgia (Midnight)


Al and his father Omer bought this '79 Bronco in 1985 for $5,000.00. Al says it's driven 80 miles a day to and from work and still works like a new one! 

The Bronco is equipped with a 351M (rebuilt at 80K), NP 205 transfer case, C6 tranny, quad shocks, and a factory roll bar!


Al has just put a new paint job on the Bronco with it's name (Midnight) painted on the tailgate and installed a new set of 32x10.50 Firestone Wilderness AT tires.


-- Wouldn't it be nice if you could STILL buy a six year old truck today for 5K and drive it every day for the next 16 years and it still drives like a new one? Ah...... the good old days.

Chris Burch 1979 Bronco Ranger XLT, Farmington, Missouri


Chris and his brother Nick (see post below) are true diehard '79 Bronco fans! Between the two of them, they have owned four '79 Broncos, two '79 short beds, & one '76 high-boy. 


Chris has recently sold this rare two-tone blue Bronco that features a 460 engine and 4.56 gears. Chris installed a 9" suspension lift, a 3" body lift, 14" chrome wheels and 39.5" Bogger tires. Chris has just found another yellow & white '79 Bronco with a 460 and 4.56 gears that he is currently working on restoring. We'll get to see some pictures of this one soon!


-- Question: What if the TV show was called the "Burchs of Hazzard" instead of the "Dukes of Hazzard"???

Nick Burch's 1979 Bronco Ranger XLT Trailer Special, Farmington, Missouri.


This is the second Bronco in the family, a rare '79 Trailer Special that features a 400 engine, C6 automatic, and factory A/C. 


So far Nick has installed a total of 7 inches of lift and 35" Super Swampers on 12" wide chrome rims. 


N_Burch_02.jpg (63483 bytes) C_Burch_Y04.jpg (59470 bytes)


-- Answer: The show would have ended in the first episode when Chris & Nick decided to run over Rosco & Enos' patrol cars and then hooked up both Broncos to the Hazzard courthouse and pulled it down!!! (Would have been fun to watch, though :-)

Jason Pollock's 1979 Bronco Ranger XLT, West Mifflin, Pennsylvania


Now is that a mean-looking Bronco or what? Jason has himself the ultimate luxury 4x4 in this awesome Bronco. This Bronco features factory A/C, cruise control, tilt steering, and delay wipers! Underneath you'll find a rock-solid 351M, C6 tranny, and a NP205 transfer case.


Jason has equipped the suspension with a 4" Skyjacker lift, a 3" body lift, and 39.5x15-15 Mickey Thompson tires. He has also added a Lund visor, Bushwacker cut-outs, a Baja light bar w/5 lights on top and 2 Warn driving lights in the front.


-- I would hate to be some guy putting along the trials in a little Jeep when this baby came up behind me! What else could you do but pull over and bow your head in submission? Ah... Big Bronco.... Greater God of Mud....




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