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Ben Sullivan's 1979 Bronco Ranger XLT, Johnstown, Pennsylvania (The Beast)


Ben picked up this Bronco Jan of 2000 from a fellow Marine who was changing stations. The previous owner didn't want to take it to Texas from to Pennsylvania so Ben bought it for just $2000.00! Ben purchased the truck thinking it was a 351 because that's what the owner told him, however, he didn't know what he had as it actually has a 400. It has been partially restored, including new paint, some carpet touch ups and a lot of additional lights installed. Many parts are still factory Ford Motorcraft, including the carb. The seats are original and are in good shape especially the bench seat. It still has the original center console, steering wheel, instrument cluster, and carpet. It only has 115,000  original miles on the engine, but Ben does not know if it has been rebuilt yet. There is no lift on the truck but it thrashes on 33" Pirelli Scorpion AT tires. Since Ben has owned it he has rewired the lights, replaced the calipers and just about all of the ignition components including the distributor. 


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Ben's future plans include a lot more restoration work. Ben has fallen in love with this Bronco, which is the first Ford he's ever owned. He says there's nothing like driving and watching people get out of your way. He bought the truck for all the snow they get in PA and his fellow Marines coined the truck "THE BEAST" as it can plow it's way through the snow if needed.


-- Man, it's almost too nice to drive it in the snow :)

Ken Hennig's 1979 Bronco Ranger XLT, Hampshire, Illinois.


Ken bought his Bronco with just 60,000 original miles, but has since racked up another 75,000 miles on the odometer. At 135K Ken rebuilt the Bronco from the frame up. The motor is a 351M that has been reworked with new internals and bored .20 over. The intake, carb, and cam are all Edelbrock and work very well together. The rest of the engine bay is decked out with chrome valve covers, chrome alternate, K&N filter and a 5 row H/E radiator that cools it with no problem. The transmission was built by Russ Moore Trans. in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Russ Moore builds transmissions for race cars to monster trucks. The transfer case is a NP203 that has been converted from full-time to part-time. The rear end is a 9 inch with 4:88 ring and pinion and a Detroit locker. The front axle is a Dana 44 with 4:88 ring and pinion. The Suspension is a 6" Trialmaster with a dual front shock kit, dual steering stabilizers and a 3 inch body lift. The Grille guard is made by Hooker and has two KC lights mounted to it. The rear bumper is a Wolverine with a 10 inch

drop. The Tires are 38x14.5x16.5 radials with CCI custom wheels. The custom paint and graphics were done by a local body shop. 


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The removable soft top is made by Skyler. The interior is basic but Ken has  added Autometer gauges, a grant steering wheel and Sony sound system. Kens next project on his Bronco is to redo the interior, but he points out the has many future plans for his Bronco.


-- Wow, what a beauty! When you look at the two before pics compared to how it looks now, you would never guess that it was same Bronco! Amazing.

Larry Shepard's 1979 Bronco Ranger XLT, Earl Park, In.


Larry Shepard has two second-generation Broncos, a '79 Ranger XLT (pictured here) and a '78 Ranger XLT (pictured below). This brown and white '79 was Larry's first 2nd-gen bronco. It has a 351M, C6, NP205, 3:50 gears, and 235's on '94 Bronco rims. The Bronco is bone stock except for wheels & tires. Options include quad shocks, buckets, intermittent wipers, and the optional interior lighting package.


Larry's future plans include a total restoration with a built 400 to replace the 156,000 mile 351M. 

-- Nice! Looks like it might be Trailer Special? I see that is has the optional towing mirrors and what looks to be a class III hitch in the rear!

Larry Shepard's 1978 Bronco Ranger XLT, Earl Park, In.

This primer gray '78 XLT is Larry's play truck. It has a 400, C6, NP205, 3:50 gears and 33x12.50 BFG's. The bronco is all stock (for now). Options include cruise, front and rear stabilizer bars, factor tow package with factory hitch and trans cooler. 

Larry's future plans for this Bronco are a mild lift, 4:11's with posi, quad shock mounts, a built up 400, and new body panels. Larry is building custom bumpers, spare tire carrier and winch mounts for it now. He says he may even paint it someday, but says primer hides the mud so well that he might just keep it that way.

-- I know the feeling, you got have one for "show" and one for "play", ahh, if only we had more than 24 hours in a day :-)

Scott Vorrath's 1978 Bronco Custom, Monroe, Michigan


When Scott purchased this awesome Bronco, it already had the custom rhino mural painted on it. Scott replaced the original 351M when it had just 32,000 miles on it with a 429. The Bronco now sports a 466 (an over-bored 460). The interior features custom boxes lining the rear and custom carpet. As you can tell from the photo, Scott's Bronco has aftermarket wheels and tires, optional chrome bumpers, a roof rack, and an optional sliding window top.


S_Vorrath_01.jpg (47297 bytes) S_Vorrath_02.jpg (67803 bytes)


-- That's one of the nicest custom paint murals I've seen! Beautiful :)

Bill Garren's 1978 Bronco Ranger XLT Trailer Special, Pocatello, Idaho.


Bill's '78 Ford Bronco Trailer Special has been garaged it's whole life and needless to say it shows. It has the

original paint, seats, and 400 engine. The Bronco has just a little over 59,000 miles on it. Factory options include cruise control, tilt steering, A/C, and a factory CB radio! It came with a lot of neat features such as a tow bar so it could be towed behind an RV and multiple receiver hitches, front and back to accommodate an electric wench and motorcycle rack. Bill and his wife bought this Bronco a little over a year ago from a gentleman who bought it straight from the factory. Though it has not seen any off road use, this Bronco is definitely equipped to tackle any kind of rugged terrain. The only modifications made to the Bronco are the dual Flowmaster exhaust and the new 650 CFM Edelbrock carburetor with and Edelbrock Performer intake manifold. All service records have been saved including oil changes, maintenance, and tire rotation. This is a rare beauty. 


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Bill's Bronco was just featured in LMC Truck's catalog and they have offered to do a complete photo shoot on it in Kansas City. Bill doesn't see that happening any time soon, but you never know how things may work out. Bill has also installed a snow plow he can clear his own drive way in the winter. Needless to say, Bill's neighbors are jealous when they see him out there pushing mounds of snow around. Being the guy that he is, it doesn't take him long before he's plowing their drive ways too. Bill has fallen in love with his Bronco. He wasn't to sure at first about not having a truck with a bed but things seem to be working out.


-- Oh, she's a beauty! A '78 Trailer Special with just 59K on it -- folks, were looking at one of the nicest 2nd-gen Broncos out there.

Brent Cathey's 1978 Bronco Ranger XLT, Kodiak, Alaska


Brent has owned this sharp '78 XLT for 4 years. Brent lives in Alaska, but his Bronco is currently in Oregon. Now matter where the Bronco, there's one thing that's for sure, and that's that this Bronco is about a bullet proof as you can get. It has a NP435 4-Speed transmission, an NP205 transfer case, D44 in the front, 9" in the back with a Detroit locker, a 4" suspension lift with dual front rancho shocks and 4" Superlift springs in back, a 3" body lift (which he plans to remove) and most importantly a 460 EFI engine from a '92 F350! As if that wasn't enough to make you drool, the EFI motor is flowing through a pair of Stan's headers and 3" exhaust. Some of the new parts installed on the Bronco include a new clutch, new radiator, new starter, and numerous other parts. The Bronco currently sits on 35x12.5 BFG AT's and a set chrome rims, but Brent plans to replace them with a nice set of MT's and new wheels. The exterior features a Smittybuilt front bumper with two KC Dayliters. Inside the Bronco you'll find a super nice interior with new carpet and a Clarion CD player and amp. 


B_Cathey_01.jpg (60991 bytes) B_Cathey_02.jpg (54808 bytes) B_Cathey_03.jpg (57401 bytes)
B_Cathey_04.jpg (66812 bytes) B_Cathey_05.jpg (56945 bytes)

Future mods include new radius arms and a roll cage, and then it's heading north.


-- Oh man, I love the engine! That's nice. Bet is gets decent MPG too :-)

Michael Jordan's 1979 Bronco Custom, Meridian, Mississippi


Michael is the proud new owner of this very clean 79 Custom. He looked for several months before he found this "dream" Bronco that is almost all original, has an engine compartment that is so clean you can fry an egg on it, and has no rust at all! The only modifications to the Bronco are the rims and tires and the Edelbrock intake an carb. 


M_Jordan_02.jpg (56376 bytes) M_Jordan_03.jpg (68374 bytes) M_Jordan_04.jpg (55123 bytes) M_Jordan_05.jpg (38578 bytes)


Michael's future plans for his Bronco include an aluminum Edelbrock water pump and new bucket seats. Michael is  truly hooked on the 79 bronco, which he affectionately calls, "THE ORIGINAL SUV".


-- Love the sport steering wheel and the 4-speed combo! NICE!

Brion Buisman's 1979 Bronco Ranger XLT Free-Wheeler, Olympia, Washington.

Brion is the proud owner of this VERY RARE 1979 Free-Wheel'n Bronco. This Bronco has some of the rarest combination of options I've ever seen, including a factory 400 engine, automatic trans, tilt steering, gauge package, captain chairs, factory alloy rims, A/C and, of course, the early-style Free-Wheel'n package. The Bronco is all original and in like-new condition.

Brion has lots of plans for his Bronco, including an 8-lug conversion for the front end, a D60 axle for the rear, and a dyno-tested 500 HP 460 engine. He plans on starting on the "improvements" as soon as he can get his wife's 1966 Porsche back together.

B_Buisman_02.jpg (67855 bytes) B_Buisman_10.jpg (58187 bytes) B_Buisman_03.jpg (44121 bytes) B_Buisman_04.jpg (43416 bytes)
B_Buisman_05.jpg (52531 bytes) B_Buisman_06.jpg (60958 bytes) B_Buisman_07.jpg (62001 bytes)

-- Oooo! What a beauty! Before now I've only seen one of these in Ford sales brochures. Nice to know there is still one of these out there, and in like-new condition to boot! :-)




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