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Jim Smithson's 1979 Bronco, Bisbee, Arizona


What hasn't been rebuilt on this Bronco would be the better question. Jim bought this truck from a friend a couple of years ago and has spent that time rebuilding it from the ground up! The Bronco features a freshly installed 460, equipped with 9:5 to 1 compression, bored 60 over, decked the block .030, forged pistons, 292/280 cam, early model heads and intake and Hooker headers. It also has a rebuilt C-6, Np205 transfer case, Ford 9 inch very limited (practically spooled) slip and a Dana 44 (soon to be air lockers) up front with 33x12.50 keeping it all on the ground. The suspension is basically stock w/ factory quad shocks up front and Energy Suspension's polyurethane bushing kit throughout out. The front sway bar has been removed for better articulation and the rear sway bar has been retained for better control pulling trailers. The interior is stock with factory A/C. Jim has also added a Ranger 2970 10 meter ham radio (with CB frequencies), Alpine sound system with speakers front and rear and a center console from a Peterbuilt (fits perfectly and is the perfect height for an arm rest, not to mention a place to throw all that stuff that flies around off road). The driving lights that you see on the front are now mounted on the tail gate just behind the rear glass. Up front in their place are two 150 watt driving lights.


Jim says that it is an on going project (aren't they all?) and that his truck spends just about as much time off road as on and is driven on a daily basis. His future plans for his Bronco include some more goodies such as a 3" body lift, new winch and bumpers, Cargo/spare tire rack and custom camouflage paint job.


-- Gee, I duno.... I think it already blends in to the Arizona back drop without a camouflage paint job, don't you? :-)

Dwayne Rodgers 1979 Bronco, Katy, Texas


Dwayne completely rebuilt this bronco over two years from the ground up. His Bronco features a fresh 400 with an Edelbrock intake, Holley 650 double pumper, Erson cam shaft, and a K&N air filter. The suspension features a 3" body lift, a 4" suspension lift, dual steering stabilizer bar, and 589 Series Eagle Rims with 35" BFG Mud King tires. The exhaust system is a full 2 1/2" system with Dynomax header and Flowmaster mufflers. Dwayne has also installed a Kayline soft top, four core radiator, Sony CD player, Viper alarm system, power door locks, and a custom headliner and rear side panels.


Sometime in the near future he plans to install an EFI system and rear disk brakes. Dwayne has some before and after pictures as well as some other info of his Bronco on his website (Dwayne's 1979 Bronco website)


-- Man, you guys in Texas sure know how to build some awesome Broncos! 

Erika's 1979 Bronco Ranger XLT, Vancouver, Washington.


Alright, before you say anything about the tow dolly, know that this Bronco has 250,000 miles on it's original 351M and is being taken to the shop for a little engine TLC. This Bronco was Erika's first vehicle and she and her Bronco have been through a lot of things together. In fact, she has owned it for 10 years! The Bronco features an 8 lug Dana 44 in the front with a Lock-Right locker and a Dana 60 in the rear with a Detroit locker -- both with 4.10 gears.


Erika has a lot of plans for her Bronco, including some new bumpers, some suspension work, a new grill, maybe some light-up FORD letters on the tail gate, and a hot pink & black paint job!


-- Hmm..... a hot pink Bronco. Now this is going to be interesting.

Eric Rumpf's 1979 Bronco Ranger XLT, San Jose, California


Believe-it-or-not, when Eric bought this Bronco it was root-beer brown

with a tan top and trashed interior. It was all stock with a 351 and a 4spd. Since then it has gone though a total visual restoration. The Bronco now sports a 3" Rancho lift, 33" BFG's, Centerlines, a new Black paint job and a dyed black top (Note: the top is not painted...dyed). The sliding rear windows were found and installed, an all new interior was set in place from carpet to seats, and a roll cage was added to top it off. Brush guard, KC's, and a CB are the only other visual additions. The Bronco remains all stock with the exception of a high flow cat. and a Flowmaster muffler. The Bronco's previous owner had the engine rebuilt at 80K, but the engine is now pushing 180,000 miles and it doesn't burn or leak a drop of oil. This Bronco is driven everyday a total of 50 miles to work and back. 


E_Rumpf06.jpg (67147 bytes) E_Rumpf05.jpg (78733 bytes) E_Rumpf04.jpg (76271 bytes) E_Rumpf03.jpg (69212 bytes)


-- Okay, for all you wimpy SUV owners in San Jose who have only seen this Bronco from the rear -- the picture above shows what it actually looks like from the front!

Dan Walker's 1979 Bronco Ranger XLT, Dallas, Texas.

This is Dan's mud-whompin' 79 Bronco. It has a 351M with an Edelbrock Performer Intake, Carter 625 CFM carb, and a 14x5 inch K&N air filter. It has the original 9" out back and the Dana 44 up front with a 2 inch lift and 33 inch mud terrain tires. It also has dual exhaust with a pair of cherry bomb mufflers, which don't do much muffling at all (hence the complaints from the neighbors).

Here's a couple of great photos of Dan's Bronco in action!

D_Walker02.jpg (69682 bytes) D_Walker03.jpg (82726 bytes)

-- Yea, try that with an Expedition and see how far you get!

Charles Rivera's 1978 Bronco Custom, New Jersey


Now here's a Bronco that not only automatically gets the right-of-way on the street, but also makes other 4x4 owners pull over and let it pass on the trails! Charles' Bronco features a 460 engine with L&L headers, K&N air filter and dual Flowmaster mufflers. The transmission is a B&M C6. Charles has installed a six inch suspension lift, three inch body lift, and 35 inch Swamper Thornbird tires.


C_Rivera02.jpg (37349 bytes) C_Rivera03.jpg (55808 bytes) C_Rivera04.jpg (59249 bytes)


-- Hey, Hey, Hey, get out'a my way!

(Sold to a new owner) 1978 Bronco Ranger XLT, Ferndale, Washington

The former owner bought this low-kilometer bronco a couple years ago from a Canadian buddy of his. It had just over 100,000km (just 62,000 miles!). It is totally stock except for the tires and rims. The Bronco has a 400M, C-6 auto, NP205, 4.11 gears and a Traclok diff, factory roll bar, bucket seats, console, cruise, tilt, quad shocks, tinted windows, trailer package, and even the original CB mounted inside the wall behind drivers seat with the under dash handheld mic. Even the original, never-used spare tire is attached to the swing-away tire carrier. The inside is better looking than the outside. Although the Bronco has seen very little off-roading the shocks and bushings are showing their age.

-- I hope she went to a good home :-)

Bob's 1979 Ford Bronco Custom, Gladwyne, Pennsylvania


Bob gives the term "2 big Broncos" a whole new meaning with his pair of gigantic '79 Broncos (See Bob's second Bronco below). Bob's blue Bronco has a 460 engine with MSD 6 T ignition and MSD Vibration coil, Edelbrock 650 CFM carb, Performer intake, and a K&N air filter. The rest of the Bronco is equipped with a Borg Warner T 18 4spd, NP205 transfer case GM 14 Bolt Rear, 9 inches of suspension lift, 3 inches of body lift, adjustable drag link with 4 inch drop pitman arm, custom lengthened drive shafts with one ton universals, auxiliary electric fan, Lund visor, Crown Vic front seats, Skyler soft top 44" TSL Boggers on 15X14 Eaton chrome wheels, Bushwhacker cut out fender flairs, Borgeson steering shaft with US Steering Gear box and bob_b&w.jpg (33718 bytes)Saginaw pump, custom 2 inch exhaust with Flowmaster mufflers, 12 inch front bumper made of aluminum diamond plate, and Westin 12 inch drop down deluxe rear bumper.


bob_blue02.jpg (67534 bytes)In the near future (summer?) Bob plans to install a King Pin Dana 60 front axle with 5.13 gears and coil spring suspension, D0VE-C heads, headers C 6 transmission, and put the Holley 750 Carb he has sitting in the garage on the 460.


-- Keep reading.........

Bob's 1979 Ford Bronco Ranger XLT, Gladwyne Pennsylvania


This is Bob's second Bronco, a '79 XLT. This Bronco has a

400M engine with a mild cam and headers. It is equipped with a C-6 transmission, NP205 transfer case

8 inch Skyjacker Soft-Ride suspension lift with a 4 inch drop down pitman arm, Bushwhacker extend-a-fender flairs, Lund Visor, 40" Mud Hawgs on 16.5X12" Eaton Chrome wheels, Performance Unlimited adjustable traction bar, Dual shocks per wheel,  Kenwood tape player with JVC 12 disk changer, an array of speakers and amps, and working AIR CONDITIONING!


In the future Bob plans to find a set of Eagle 589's to mount his 39.5 Mickey Thompons on it and then SELL IT!! :-)


bob_white02.jpg (44093 bytes) bob_white03.jpg (38647 bytes)


-- For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction!




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