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Mark Richmond's 1979 Bronco Ranger XLT, British Columbia, Canada.

Mark's Bronco is a 79 Ranger XLT with 4" coils and re drilled coil buckets a shackle reversal and 3" blocks in the rear for 7.5" of total lift over stock. Mark has  swapped in a NP435 transmission, NP205 and a 300 I-6 engine (soon to be replaced with 460). Mark also installed F250 Brakes up front and homemade rear discs using Chevy parts with 9/16" wheel studs, 4.09 gears up front and a Dana 60 with matching gears out back. The wheels are new 35" General M/Ts on 15x10" 8-lug rims. Mark says he will be trying to get the bodywork done this year. So far he has done all the work himself and he says there's plenty more to come!


-- Nice! That Bronco is going to be indestructible when he's done with!

Mark Radin's 1978 Bronco Ranger XLT, Norfolk, England


This is Mark's 1978 Bronco XLT.  It was purchased as a disregarded, non running rusting wreck about 3 years ago.  So far it has had a replacement engine (stock 351M), new starter motor and steering pump, plus a new (stock) radiator and twin rear piped exhaust system.  In 2000 it had all new panels fitted and a new paint job. Last year (2001) the transfer case was rebuilt, this year (2002) the auto transmission will be overhauled.  It has a 4" lift with 33" tires.  Mark would like to replace the black (front and rear) bull bars with chrome bumpers but - as it is a working Bronco - the bars are handy for pushing and pulling.

M_Radin_01.jpg (77160 bytes) M_Radin_02.jpg (48873 bytes) M_Radin_03.jpg (64147 bytes)

Mark is an American who lives in England with his family. The Bronco is exceptionally rare on the narrow roads of England.  Each time he has family over from the states, they arrive with a suitcase of spares.  He does the same when he returns to England from the States.

-- Never thought I'd see a 2nd-generation Bronco in England! Then again, I never expected to find these Broncos in Germany, Australia, Italy, Holland and Switzerland either! You've done a beautiful job on your Bronco, Mark. I wonder how many British folks stare in amazement at it :-)

Jerry Zip's 1979 Bronco Ranger XLT


Jerry's 1979 XLT only has 83,000 original miles on it. You might think he spent a ton of cash for this low-mileage Bronco, but would you believe he only has $1,400.00 in it? The Bronco has a 460 4V engine, a C6 automatic trans and 4:10 gears front & rear. It also has AM/FM/CD Player with a 600 watt amp with a BIG kicker box. The suspension has been lifted 3" and sits on 33x12.50 tires.


-- That's a fantastic price for such a nice low-mileage Bronco. Very nice!

Mike Munch's 1979 Bronco Ranger XLT, Ottawa, Michigan


Mike's beautiful 1979 Bronco only has 50,000 original miles on it and is pretty much stock for the exception of  the 4" lift and 35" tires. Mike bought his Bronco 4 years ago from a Lincoln dealership in his home town. They owned it since 1983, and only used it to plow their parking lot in the winter and to run parts with it. The first thing Mike did was remove the plow and sell it as he doesn't drive it in the winter. As you can see, he was having some rust trouble above the back tires  and at the lower corner below the door post. What started out as a $500-600 job is turning into a $1,000 job rather quickly, but Mike is hard at work restoring the body to rust-free condition.


M_Munch_02.jpg (47720 bytes) M_Munch_03.jpg (45313 bytes) M_Munch_04.jpg (42831 bytes) M_Munch_05.jpg (48141 bytes)
M_Munch_06.jpg (51577 bytes) M_Munch_07.jpg (52399 bytes)


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DrDoor.jpg (55715 bytes) Driver.jpg (44197 bytes)


Mike's future plans include adding a 4 brll carb, headers and dual exhaust. Mike plans on sending some more pics when the project is completed, so keep your eye on this one!


-- Man, that Bronco is nearly perfect! Love the colors and can't wait to see it when it's done.

Louis Velez's 1979 Bronco Custom


Louis has a friend who owns a tow yard. His friend got this 79 Bronco in for unregistered tags, and after waiting for the legal waiting period to expire the bronco became his property. Louis bought the Bronco from his friend for just $350.00. Its a little rough around the edges and Louis plans to rebuild it, but for $350.00, he just couldn't beat it. It has a 3" body lift, a 4" suspension lift, a 460 with a Holley carb and Edelbrock Manifold, Dual Flowmasters mufflers and 35" Super Swamper tires. Louis plans to swap the 460 (which is the very reason it was unregistered and impounded to begin with) with a 351-to-406 engine. Louis also plans to change front and rear to a D44 in the front and a D60 in the rear with 4.56 gears, add a 9" suspension lift and install a set of 44" tires. Louis thinks It will take about 2 years to complete his project but firmly believes he'll get it done with help from the members on the ProjectBronco message boards.


-- Man, what a steal! You know how it goes; he bought a carb & intake and got a free Bronco to go with it! (What's up with that, anyway? :-)

Cornel and Mesha Hall's 1978 Bronco Ranger XLT, Combs, Arkansas (Poppy's Toy)

Cronel & Mesha's '78 Bronco has a 400 engine with a roller cam and lifters, racing pistons, an Edelbrock  600 CFM carb, MSD ignition and distributor, dual FlowMaster mufflers, a rebuilt C6 transmission, a limited-slip Dana 44 front axle and limited-slip 9" rear axle. The Bronco's interior has been completely restored and it sits on a nice set of 35x12x15 BF Goodrich tires.

The Bronco is a really strong runner that they affectionately call "Poppy's Toy". They say that it certainly isn't a vehicle to drive cross-country in unless your pocketbook is full (it gets about 7 MPG), but then it wasn't restored for the gas mileage anyway, and oh how sweet it sounds :-)

M_Hall_02.jpg (60321 bytes) M_Hall_03.jpg (71846 bytes)

-- Hey, good gas mileage is for rice burners anyway. Enjoy life, I always say :-)

Jim Grueser's 1978 Bronco Custom, Racine Ohio


Jim's father bought this gorgeous 78 Bronco Custom brand new in April of 1978 and has been in the family every since. It is all original except for the wheels and tires. It only has 110,000 original miles on it. Jim hopes to start resorting his Bronco soon.


The custom horse paint job on Jim's Bronco is a very rare example of a hand full of Broncos that were customized with animal murals and special stripes when the Broncos were new. Jim says that he has seen two other Broncos like his; one that was the same color only with a whitetail buck mural and a black Bronco with blue stripes and a bald eagle mural. Scott Varrath also owns one of these rare Broncos with a rhino mural on it (shown in Showroom #14). Apparently these Broncos were customized in Indiana.

J_Brueser_02.jpg (34902 bytes) J_Grueser_03.jpg (40930 bytes)

-- A very nice Bronco to say the least! I would venture to say the paint job is worth almost as much as the Bronco is. I wonder how many of these custom mural Broncos are left?

The Tim Stolar's 1979 Free Wheeling Bronco


Tim purchased his Bronco in October of 2001 for just $800.00. It has a rebuilt 351M engine with a 4 barrel Edelbrock carb mounted on an Edelbrock intake. The valve covers and air cleaner are all chromed and it has an Accel high performance ignition system. It also has dual exhaust with headers. The truck sits on 36" tires with a 4 inch lift. The front axle is the factory Dana 44 and the rear is the factory 9". She has a very tough brush guard, as Tim has found out through the process of blazing trails.


T_Stolar_02.jpg (34726 bytes) T_Stolar_03.jpg (27064 bytes) T_Stolar_04.jpg (37419 bytes) T_Stolar_05.jpg (30882 bytes)
T_Stolar_06.jpg (54853 bytes) T_Stolar_07.jpg (105360 bytes)

Tim's future plans for the truck will be to give it a rear shackle lift of about 4 inches and a front end lift of 4 inches. He also plans to give it a 2 inch body lift, install a Dana 70 rear axle with Detroit lockers, upgrade the front axle to 3/4 ton knuckles, build a custom front bumper and integrate it with a winch, slightly cut out the fenders and put in Bushwacker flares and install a set of 38" Swampers.

-- Sounds like Tim is going to redefine the term "Free-Wheel'n Bronco" :-)

Ryan's 1978 and 1979 Broncos, Las Vegas, Nevada


These are pictures of two of the three 78-79 broncos Ryan has owned in Las Vegas, NV. The gray 79 Bronco stuck in 3 feet of snow was Ryan's first, (the white 79 bronco in the

background pulled him out). Ryan's second 79 Bronco was victim to a high speed crash. The stock white and blue 78 is his third (see pic below) and, believe it or not, is the camouflage monster you see in the pic to the right! Ryan's 78 now has a super custom front bumper made from 4x10 rectangle steel tubing, which will get a custom dual receiver and removable 15000lb winch mounts. The winch will be able to be moved quickly from the front to the rear and vise versa. The Bronco sits on a 6" suspension and 3" body lift with 36" TSL SX tires. It

also has a dual optima batteries (red and yellow top combo).


Ryan_LV02.jpg (43187 bytes) Ryan_LV03.jpg (48037 bytes) Ryan_LV04.jpg (61021 bytes) Ryan_LV05.jpg (31632 bytes) Ryan_LV06.jpg (44322 bytes)


Ryan's future plans are 2 1/2 ton Rockwell axles, full roll cage attached to the frame, custom frame strengthening, custom nerf bars attached to frame, custom diamond plate rear roof, a 460 fuel injected motor and new gears and lockers. Ryan is only 18 years old now and hopes to be finished by the time he's 90.


-- Man, that's sweet! You'd never know it was the white & blue Bronco before the "transformation".




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