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Jason Freeman's 1979 Bronco Ranger XLT, Charlotte, NC.

Jason purchased this all original blue & silver Ranger XLT in the summer of 2002. The Bronco features a 351M, 4-speed transmission, gauge package, factory quad shocks, factory A/C that still works, factory tinted windows and a 33 gallon tank. The Bronco is local to Charlotte, so it is almost completely rust free! 


Jason plans to restore this Bronco this Bronco to it's original condition and plans to rebuild the 351M into a thundering 408.


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Manco's 1979? Bronco Ranger XLT, Breman, Germany

Manco sent us some pictures of his unique 2nd-generation Bronco from Breman, Germany! Manco says his Bronco has Rancho shocks, 33x12.50 tires and a 351M engine with headers.

Looking at the pics of his Bronco, I'd say there's a little bit more to it than that. A quick look at the interior and a peep under the hood tells us that this Bronco did not come with A/C, yet, it is plainly equipped with captain chairs, a center console, and sports the RXLT simulated wood grain trim. The 351M engine appears to be original, as does the massive super-cool radiator under the hood. The rear of the Bronco looks like it has custom diamond plate cargo panels, tailgate panel and floor board covering.

I know it can't be easy finding parts for this baby in Germany. I sure would like to know the history behind this baby!

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Maff's 1978 Bronco Custom, United Kingdom (UK).

Maff's Bronco has a 460 big block engine mildly tuned. The suspension features a 4" lift, a Detroit locker in the rear, a True Track in the front and 4.11 gears all resting on a set of 38" tires. The Bronco also has a sunroof and custom stainless steel tubular front bull bars will be installed soon. 

-- Hmm, now that truly is a Range Rover killer!

Randy Durham's 1979 Bronco Ranger XLT

My Bronco has a 460 with a estimated 500hp and about 600+ft lbs of torque. It is not the nicest looking but I can about go anywhere!!! Right now it has about 500+ miles but it can still take the imports in street races!!!

Tom Nelson's 1979 Bronco Custom, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.


My Bronco is a '79 Bronco Custom, EFI 460 w/ C6 and NP 205 tcase, bought it 4 years ago for $2000 Canadian, just about as you see it except for the engine which originally was a 351 (and a few bent pushrods), 4 inch blocks in the rear, rancho front suspension and front and rear 1 1/8 sway bars round out the handling packages while slightly lengthened drive shafts send power to 3.55 gears in the front and back which turn Yokohama Geolandar AT 33x 12.5 tires, This is my first bronco, and there is plans on buying another to fill the stable (or for a parts truck for this one), The EFI system was taken out of a 88 E-350.


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Louise Longauer's 1979 Bronco, Form Surrey, British Columbia, Canada.


I thought I post a pic of my big guy. It's a 79' Bronco with an 8' lift on 44" Gumbo tires. It has a full body suspension with a V8 460cc big block. 4 speed with a Detroit locker diff. It is my 4x4in' master for all kinds of off-roading.

Cliff Brumfield's 1978 Bronco Ranger XLT, Greenwood, Mississippi


I'm back in the saddle again! Here's a few pics of my new Bronco. I'll send some better shots for the showroom soon. This Bronco is in near mint condition and fully loaded. It has factory A/C, captain chairs, and most every other factory option available.





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-- I'm jealous Cliff! -- Paul.

Geoffrey Brumage's 1979 Bronco Custom Free-Wheeler.


This 1979 bronco was salvaged from a life of rusting away. About 2.5 years ago I purchased the old pile of rust from an guy who had parked it some years prior because of a tranny failure. A $500 dollar investment for years of fun for my family, especially a learning platform for my son and I. So far it has had the original 351m which was said to have 300k+ miles on it completely rebuilt along with the C6 tranny. Bolted on an Edelbrock intake and carb, some headers and FlowMaster exhaust. Then recently a full 4" Superlift new springs all around and 36" TSL SX super swampers on a set of AR blackout wagons. Threw a locker in the back and a complete reconditioning of the brake system. That was all finished tonight and now I am posting some pics. This is the first rig I have taken my time on and put the right parts on to do it right! I love it.


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Carvell Shade's 1979 Bronco Ranger XLT, Spokane, Washington


I bought this bronco from my father a few years ago when I lived in Alaska, it used to be yellow with yellow and orange striping along the sides and hood. It only had 50,000 original miles on it. Since it was used for hauling a boat between Anchorage, Seward and Homer and snow plowing for most of those miles The engine was pretty tired and had a horrible knock, so I put a new 351M/400 engine in it. 

I drove it down to Spokane, Washington this summer from Alaska and started working on it a couple months ago. It's not totally finished yet, I still have to put a new carburetor on it and paint the topper black. The Body and frame was in pretty good condition except for the hood and some of the chrome trim along the sides. I found some new trim and a hood from a 78 pick up at a junk yard. I painted it 2 stage red with black racing stripes. I took out all the carpet and put in some spray in bed liner. I'm going to paint all the seats red and find more red interior parts from EBAY before I'm finished. As you can see it looks pretty good so far, I'll send more pics when it's finished !


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