Submit your 78-79 Bronco or 73-79 F-Series 4x4 to the PJB Showrooms!


We receive request for showroom submissions almost on a daily basis. Due to the shear volume of emails we receive, some new policies have been implemented to better serve everyone.


Please read the submission rules below before submitting your Bronco or F-Series 4x4 for the showroom.

Submitting a truck for either the Bronco or F-Series 4x4 Showrooms is FREE OF CHARGE. You do not have to be a PJB Club Member, however, due to skyrocketing hosting cost and limited server space, your support would be greatly appreciated! To find out how to join the PJB Club, please click here. It only cost $35.00 US (shipping is extra) for the first year and $20.00 per year thereafter. That's less than one tank of gas per year!

Only high-quality digital pictures in JPEG or BMP format will be accepted. Due to time limitations, we can no longer accept photos sent to us in the mail.

You must supply the following information along with each vehicle you would like to add to the showroom:

Your first and last name (last name optional)

The city, state & country in which you live

A detailed description of your vehicle

Please proof read any information you type in the description of your Bronco or F-Series 4x4. It is very time consuming to correct improper English and spelling errors in every other showroom submission we receive. Some things you might want to try before sending your email are;

Use a word processor with spell check.

Have someone else proof read your information before submitting it.

Make sure you do not have any grammatical errors. Make sure capital letters and commas are properly used.

Only high-quality pictures will be accepted from now on. Any pictures that are too small, excessively blurry or very low-quality will be rejected as we can no longer take the time to fix every photo we receive.

To be accepted into the Bronco showroom, you must have either a 1978 or a 1979 Ford Bronco! No other years will be accepted.

To be accepted into the new F-Series 4x4 showroom, you must have a 1973 -1979 Ford F-100, F-150, F-250, or F-350 4x4 truck. No two-wheel-drives will be accepted, nor will any HD F-series truck (i.e. anything above an F-350).

Please email your showroom submission to: Please allow 4-6 weeks for your post to be published.

-- Kind regards, and good luck!

    Paul (PJB Webmaster)


NOTE: Some Broncos that were submitted to us for the Bronco Showroom in 2002 were lost due to an unfortunate computer hard drive crash. We lost about 3 or 4 months worth of showroom submissions. If you submitted your Bronco to us in 2002 and do not see it in showrooms 15-19, then please re-submit your Bronco to us. We apologize for the inconvenience.