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Chris Camp's 1979 Bronco Custom, Salt lake City, Utah


This is Chris' 1979 Ford Bronco Custom. It has a 351M engine, a 3" lift and 33" tires. The odometer reads a little over 96,000, which at first glance would seem more like 296,000 miles, but Chris says the Bronco always starts, burns zero oil, has almost NO RUST, and drove him 8hrs from Wyoming (one way) fighting the strong winds, so 96K could indeed be the original miles.

C_Camp02.jpg (132913 bytes)Chris' future plans are to repaint it the original green and white tu-tone and find all the missing trim pieces. He plans on having the outside totally restored by this coming May at the latest, and the interior done by the end of this coming winter (the red seats in the pic are from a Dodge Van). He also plans on rebuilding the original engine and converting it to a 400. Chris just purchased the Bronco in August of 2000 but has already started the restoration.


-- Nice Bronco Chris! Good to see another Bronco in the hands of someone who will take care of it and lovingly restore it.

Dave Feldner's 1978 Bronco Free-Wheeler, Donnybrook, North Dakota

Dave's '78 Bronco Free-Wheeler has a 429 engine with a 4V Edelbrock carb, K&N air filter and a high rise cam flowing through dual 2 1/4" straight pipe exhaust exiting out the sides. The Bronco has a 3" body lift, a home-made 3" suspension lift, dual steering stabilizers, and a posi front axle all sitting on 35" Mud Terrains on 15x10" American Racing rims. Other accessories include a light bar with rally racing lights with two 102" CB whip antennas mounted on it and a very rare factory push bar. Dave drives it every day back and forth to school.

D_Feldner_01.jpg (27252 bytes) D_Feldner_02.jpg (77317 bytes) D_Feldner_03.jpg (103176 bytes)

-- Just imagine what students all over the country could accomplish if they had a stress reliever like this? (Just make sure that's not the teacher's car you're running over) :-)

Chris Reynolds 1979 Bronco Ranger XLT, Kansas City, MO


About 3 months ago I took a little personal vacation and paid a visit to some friends I met through this site who live in the Mississippi Delta region. One of the people I met was a fellow named Cliff Brumfield who owns the super low-mileage black '79 Bronco in Showroom #1. We were drooling over the new 2001 winter edition of the LMC Truck catalog and started talking about that beautiful black and silver '79 Bronco on the front cover. Cliff made the remark that it is too nice not to be on "the web site" in one of the showrooms, to which I replied, "well, if who ever owns it sends it in, I'll make it Bronco-of-the-month".


Well, guess what? I'm making good on that promise. Little did we know that as we were looking at it on the front of the catalog, Chris Reynolds was busy getting some photos ready to submit it to ProjectBronco. All I can say is that the LMC truck catalog does not do it justice, it is truly one of the best 2nd-generation Broncos I've ever seen.


Chris purchased his Bronco from a friend who bought it new in 1979. The Bronco was always in good condition, but Chris took the liberty of rebuilding it with a fresh new look, starting with all new factory parts. The fenders, doors, tailgate and quarter panels have all been replaced with factory parts. All of the weather striping has been replaced as well. The Bronco was repainted with the original black and silver color and updated with clear coat finish. The seats were switched from the original bench seat to buckets w/ a center console and then reupholstered in black cloth. All of the chrome is still original.


C_Reynolds_04.jpg.jpg (43756 bytes)

C_Reynolds_03.jpg.jpg (63820 bytes)

C_Reynolds_01.jpg (45463 bytes)

C_Reynolds_08.jpg.jpg (49867 bytes)

C_Reynolds_02.jpg.jpg (68327 bytes)

C_Reynolds_06.jpg.jpg (70514 bytes)

C_Reynolds_07.jpg.jpg (63478 bytes)

C_Reynolds_09.jpg.jpg (73849 bytes)


The original 351M has been replaced with a new remanufactured long block and sports a 650 CFM Holley carb, Weiand intake, Mallory distributor, Mallory Ignition and a Mallory coil. Toping it all off is a new radiator, Headman headers, Dynomax mufflers, Pro Comp shocks and Bridgestone 32x11.50 tires on American Racing rims


Chris' future plans for his Bronco is to add a new soft top by next year!


-- What a beauty! Folks, now that's TLC. Told ya the catalog didn't' do it justice :-)

Bill Emilson's 1979 Bronco Ranger XLT, Buzzards Bay, Massachusetts (Elizabeth)


This is Bill's second Bronco in the PJB showroom (first one is in Showroom #5). It's name is Elizabeth and it's real beauty! Bill has preformed a frame-up restoration (body-off) on his Bronco, including new poly body mounts, a 4" Super lift, Superlift traction bars, '72 351 Cleveland heads with 9.5:1 compression, slightly built C6, BW1345 transfer case, Detroit locked Ford 9" 3.50 gears (soon to be 4.56), 35" M/T Baja Claw radials on 15x10 American Racing Outlaw rims, 6 Rancho 5000 shocks, MSD Ignition, and a Holley 600 carb.


Elizabeth.jpg (35280 bytes) dirtybutfast.jpg (38661 bytes) slinginmud.jpg (35637 bytes)


-- very cool

Lou's 1979 Bronco Custom, British Columbia, Canada

This is Lou's 1979 Bronco. His Bronco is most stock. It features the original 400 engine and 2V carb, new heavy-duty front springs, new rear leaf springs, and new 33" mud tires. Lou plans to give it a new paint job in the near future.

Lou simply says that it is solid and reliable and simply enjoys driving it.

-- My sentiments exactly. If you can't enjoy driving it, then what good is it :)

Troy Tuten's 1979 Bronco Ranger XLT, Jacksonville, Florida

Troy's Bronco features a 351M, C6 automatic, 3.50 gears, a Dana 44 front axle and 9 inch rear axle. Troy is the second owner of this Bronco and only has 68,000 original miles on it. 

Troy says that this is his 4th second-generation Bronco and he say's he just loves 'em. He feels the are very versatile trucks/SUVs and it takes me where ever he wants to go. His Bronco has been retired from aggressive off-roading so that it can undergo a full restoration and used as a daily driver.

T_Tuten_02.jpg (41009 bytes) T_Tuten_03.jpg (75104 bytes) T_Tuten_04.jpg (65044 bytes)

-- Hey, that's nice. The interior is in remarkably good shape!

Jamie's 1979 Bronco Ranger XLT, Palatka, Florida

This is Jamie's '79 Bronco that has been converted into a short bed pickup with a fiberglass bulkhead insert. Jamie has had it for about 2 years and purchased it from the original owner. It has 265K original miles on it and it still runs strong. The engine has never been rebuilt and is all stock. It has a 2" lift in the front and the back is stock height. Future mods are a rear shackle flip and 4" front coils to allow some 35" boggers.

broncorearside.jpg (23752 bytes) broncoint.jpg (25568 bytes)

-- That's cool. Wouldn't mind one of those myself!

Greg Coats' 1979 Bronco Ranger XLT, Bellflower, California


Greg's stunning '79 Bronco is fully loaded and features such amenities as cruise control, a factory CB, and captains chairs. I has a 4" suspension lift, 35" BF Goodrich AT/TAs, a
351M W/ Headman headers, 3" single 70 series exhaust system, an Alpine head unit, two Kicker highs, two 8" Fosgate mids, two Fosgate 12" subwoofers, and two Sherwood amplifiers 240's. The seats have been 
reupholstered with the factory material and it has a custom dash bezel.


C_Coats_02.jpg (33775 bytes) C_Coats_03.jpg (59390 bytes) C_Coats_04.jpg (51331 bytes) C_Coats_05.jpg (30189 bytes)


-- Ooo that's nice. I love the custom dash bezel! I bet it sounds as good as it looks too.

Seth Colson's 1979 Bronco Ranger XLT, Cedar Key, Florida


Seth recently purchased this war horse for a measly $1,100.00. He says it runs great and has an early '70s Lincoln 460 engine, a Holley 750 carb, C6 trans, 4.11 gears front & rear, a 4" suspension lift, and a set of TSL tires on it.


S_Colson_02.jpg (65739 bytes)Seth admits it may be a little ugly, but says he didn't buy it for looks, but to keep those "pesky" little SUVs away from him.


-- Hey, works for me. I'd stay out it's way! Any Bronco with a damaged front end ALWAYS get the right-of-way!




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