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Todd's 1979 Bronco Ranger XLT


One close look at this Bronco and you can tell that Todd spent a lot of time and money restoring it right. It has a rebuilt 400 with a mild cam, MSD ignition and wires, Holley (worst mod) 4brl, Edelbrock intake, Headman headers, Flowmaster exhausts, K&N, Rancho 3" lift, Energy poly bushings throughout including body bushings which were a bear to replace if you know what I mean, 35" BFG tires and a lot of custom work. The body has a new custom-fabricated floor pan, the entire tub was painted with permanent rust preventer, and custom aluminum rear tub liners and tailgate skirt were made. All chrome was polished and a new grill was added. The interior features new door panels, new headliner, new visors and custom made dash. It has been painted inside and out, has new gaskets, and Bushwacker flares. 


Todd is almost completely finished with the restoration and only has to change the gears to finish it off. 


-- Finished? You know what that means! Time to start on Bronco #2 :-)

Danny Perham's 1978-1979 Broncos, Hillsboro, New Hampshire


Danny was kind enough to send in some photos of not just one, but three second-generation Broncos he has owned over the years. The first Bronco Danny owned was this Brown '78. This Bronco had a tan interior with a split bench seat and a wide-open back, all carpeted with a custom-built Alpine stereo system. The Drive Train featured a 351M with only 10K on it and a 4-speed trans. It had a 3" suspension lift, 3" body lift, and 35" tires. It' not visible in the picture, put it had custom push bar with 4 KC lights on it. Danny had the custom murals painted on both doors.


Danny's second Bronco was this blue '79 Ranger XLT. He purchased this one for just $600.00. It was pretty rough, but it had good solid floors to start with. All new quarter panels, doors, fenders, and a tailgate were installed on the Bronco. The entire interior was gutted and under coated. New carpet and captain chairs w/ the matching back seat from a '85 Bronco and a Kenwood stereo system were installed. The interior was finished off with a Kenwood stereo system. The suspension featured a 4" Superlift lift kit as well as  2" Trailmaster body lift. The entire breaking system was replaced, all the way from the power booster to emergency brake cables. Finally the Bronco was given a beautiful new blue paint job, a rebuilt 351M, and even a new clutch.


Danny's third Bronco was this white '78 Custom. When he purchased this Bronco it had 186,000 miles on it, but the tired old engine and transmission never let him down. The Bronco was lifted 3" to clear the new 35" BFG tires.


Danny is now without a Bronco but he's looking for another one! He has his eye on a nice '79 and he's just waiting for the for sale sign to to go up.


-- I'll bet you all three of these Broncos are still on the road today. Good luck with that '79 you have your eye on!

Harold's 1979 Bronco Custom.


Harold's Bronco was a wreck when he bought it for just $500.00. He has rebuilt the 351M, C6 trans, the entire breaking system, and the 9" rear axle with an Auburn limited slip diff. The interior has been completely redone and the Bronco received a new paint job. Harold stresses that he preformed all of the work himself including the all of the body work. The only thing he had someone else do was the paint job. Upgrades to the Bronco include a set of 32x12.50 Mud King tries on 15x8 chrome-slotted steel rims and 2.25" dual exhaust system with turbo muffles.


Shortly after performing all of this work to his Bronco, he put her on the roof in a deep creek bottom. He was able to get the Bronco back on the road but has not yet replaced the hard top section.


99-may.jpg (43556 bytes)

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99-may3.jpg (26161 bytes)


-- I'll tell ya, that's the last time I order a Bronco greasy-side-up!

Jeff Hanson's 1979 Ford Bronco Ranger XLT


Jeff purchased this truck in 1994 from the original owner as a daily driver for his career in the army as an officer. The Bronco towed Jeff's belongings from Salt Lake City, Utah to Baltimore, Maryland and back to the Mojave Desert in Southern California in a 12 month period in 1995. The truck has driven over 196,000 miles. Jeff replaced the original engine with a Jasper remanufactured 400M engine and rebuilt C6 transmission for the truck in 1998 and has outfitted the engine with and Edelbrock aluminum intake, 4-barrel carb, Hooker headers, and dual Flowmasters. Jeff tightened up the suspension with new suspension bushings and added an add-a-leaf to the rear springs. The stock push bar, NP205 transfer, and 4.11 9" rear differential have been left untouched. The beast rides on 33" Bridgestone tires. The trailer towing package that included the sway bars, swing out mirrors, and oil cooler make the truck solid form of travel in California. The truck now resides in Modesto, CA with Utah tags while Jeff scrambles to make it smog-legal in California.


-- Just imagine trying to make the same trip in a 2001 SUV with almost 200K on it in the year 2017. Na, I don't think so. Only in a Bronco!

Bill Emilson's 1979 Bronco Ranger XLT, Buzzards Bay, Massachusetts


Bill's Bronco XLT Ranger has a 400 engine, C6 trans, NP205 transfer case, towing package , front and rear stabilizer bars, 32x11.50 15 A/T on 15x8 American Racing Outlaw rims , Grizzly double bend nerf bars, Smittybuilt front tube bumper,
a custom fabricated rear tube bumper, a Lund visor and a kicking kicker sound system pumping out about 1500WATTS!


Bill also has a '78 Bronco that he just picked up for, get this, nothing! He plans on performing a ground-up restoration on the '78.


-- Well, of course there's no grass in the front yard! I own a Bronco, who needs grass?? What? Where's the driveway? What part of B R O N C O don't you understand?

Ludwig Eberlein's 1979 Bronco Ranger XLT, Germany


Ludwig is the proud owner of what is probably the ONLY second-generation Bronco in the entire country of Germany. This gorgeous 400-powerd Bronco was imported directly to Germany in May of 1978 and is the only one Ludwig has ever seen. This picture was taken in 1998 during Ludwig's honeymoon in Switzerland on a trip back from the south of France. 


-- Now that's cool. You know what I'm thinking, right? Throw in a set of highway gears, add an overdrive and see just how fast that 400 will make it go on the Autobahn! 

Donnie Kegebein's 1979 Broncos, Eldorado, GA


Welcome to Eldorado Georgia. Population -- two Broncos. It's the home of Donnie's pair of '79 Broncos. Both broncos are mostly stock, even down to the 351M 2V engines. The camo Bronco has a 4" trail master suspension lift and 3" r/t body lift to just make it more fun to drive. Donnie has owned the camo '79 since 1983 when he traded a '66 Bronco for it because it had a back seat. The camo Bronco will always have a place in his family and plans to keep it around lDK2.jpg (56120 bytes)ong enough for his seven-year-old son to drive. The two-tone Bronco was just purchased this year. Donnie plans on keeping this one all original. He plans to use it to pull their boat and camper as well as just to tinker with.


-- Dueling Broncos :-) 





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