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Justin Britz's 1979 Bronco Ranger XLT, St. Clair, Michigan

I purchased this 79 bronco ranger last year from its second owner with 259,000 miles. I am only 15 and am restoring the truck very slowly with my dad. The bronco has a 460 with a mild cam, and Edelbrock performer intake, with a 750 Holley carb that just got rebuilt and the stock C-6 transmission with 3:50 gears. The truck has a 3 inch body lift with 33' mud king tires with a Detroit locker in the rear end and limited slip in the front. It has the stock exhaust manifolds with dual exhaust and cheery bomb mufflers. The body needs lots of work and my dad an I just finished fixing the floor pans or what was left of them any way. The frame was sandblasted and painted with truck bed liner and was in really good condition. 
Future plans are headers, stereo system, big bumper, camo paint job, and a 4 inch suspension lift.


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Brad Briggs, Australia


I bought my truck mid last year after looking at about 20 Australian delivery bronco's. Most of them were heaps or they wanted too much for them. I was lucky enough to come across mine while looking for parts for my friends '73 F-100 (wild truck in its self, twin turbo 460 with airbag suspension). Since buying mine have slowly started fixing things up, a little rough but a great truck all the same. Is fitted with 400M motor and C6 trans with 4/11 gears in the rear. From what I can gather in came from Missouri in about '89 and was converted to right hand drive shortly after. Have already done a few trips in it and it certainly gets some looks, especially from Australian Bronco owners who cant work out what the heck it is (lol).

Bernhard "Barney" Groehl's 1979 Bronco Ranger XLT, Berlin, Germany

I saw this baby 4 weeks ago on the internet and I loved it. I have been impressed by Broncos, since when I was a child and to buy this one really made a childhood dream come true. Although weather conditions in Germany can be quite hazardous for classic cars, this one is in perfect shape. I'm going to replace all weather-strips (which have been hardened though time and I ordered through Jeff's Bronco and I'll give it a solid brake & steering overhaul job this summer. I'll take the car on the weekends to ride it to my dropzone to go skydiving and back home mainly.


Here are the specs:

Transmission: C6 2.46 1.46 1.00 2.18 (1/2/3/R)
Trans Case: 1.98:1 (NP 205 low R)
GVRW: 4850 lbs (2810 Kg)
Front Axle: Dana 44 (Pinion over Axle Design)
Rear Axle: Ford 9" 31 Spline
Body Color: Orange/White (original color, but I don't know the original names)
Interior: Beige/Brown

"They were, and still remain in the eyes of many, the undisputed King of SUVs."


Chris Westbrook's1979 Ford Bronco Ranger XLT, Va Beach, Virginia

I bought my bronco in September of 1996 for $1000.00, it had no lift
with 31" tires. Here's what i've done to it since: 9" suspension lift with 38.5x15x15 on 10x15 wheels, dual front shocks and singles in the rear, double steering stabilizer, adjustable trackbar, adjustable draglink with pitman arm. The drive train has a ford 9" rear end with 4.56 gears, the front is a dana 44 with 3.50 gears. It has a 351m engine, C6 automatic transmission and NP 205 transfer case. Interior mods include gauge console with transmission temp, oil pressure, voltmeter, water temp, vacuum gauge, and a sunpro tach. An overhead console for switches to control the dual electric fans.

Alex Perales' 1979 Bronco Custom, Pflugerville, Texas


This bronco has been in my family since 1981. Since then it has been painted twice and rebuilt the engine once. Specs: V8 400, C6, 33-12.50's ProComps on 10" M/T Rims, Dual Flow Master exhaust. No lift but plan on getting a 4" to put just a little height to it.

Justin Droske's 1978 Ford Bronco Custom, Hawkins, Wisconsin

It is basically stock, no lift. It has 70,000 original miles. It is in the process of being restored. It is powered by a 300-6, C-6 Transmission, 31x10.50x15 Goodyear Conquest tires. The tunes are supplied by a Sony 52x4 CD player, 250 watt MTX Audio Amp and 2 12" MTX Subs.

John Thomas's 1978 Bronco, Bartlett, TN


My name is John Thomas. I’m 17 and live in Bartlett, TN (outside of Memphis, TN) in the USA. Most of the work done to the Bronco was done by me with some help by my brother and friends. It has the FORD 351M/400 engine, DYNOMAX 1-3/4 inch primary - long tube headers, 2-1/2 dual exhaust with FLOWMASTERS, an MSD “Blaster” ignition and “Blaster 2” coil going through ACCEL 8.8 mm race wires. Feeding fuel to that spark is a WEIAND 8010 dual plane manifold, HOLLEY Street Avenger 670 carb, 2” “Swirl-Torque” carb spacer, a SUMMIT velocity stack air filter and a functional 4” cowl hood. The transmission is a C6 automatic with a TCI “Saturday Night Special” 2200 stall converter sending power through a rebuilt NP205. I’ve still got the standard axles (DANA 44 and 9”) with the stock 350’s in them. It has PROCOMP 6” suspension, EAGLE 589s and 35x12.50 PROCOMP MTs. I’ve got a few after marked gauges such as a tach and water gauge from AUTOMETER. I put some cheap spray-on bed liner on the floorboard and I have a JVC CD player that only works if I hit the right size pothole. Future improvements include: 456 gears, rear spool, front OX locker, a 3” body lift, some 15x10 chrome DAYTONA wheels and 38” gumbo mudders, a good size cam, and to top it all off some 1.7 roller rockers. You may notice that I like the colors “hot green”, “hot orange” and “hot blue”. You will see them under the hood and under the frame. Hey, it’s a black truck...anything goes!

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Jeff Clark's 1978 Bronco Custom (Zeus), Swartz Creek, MI

My 78 has the stock 351M with 120,000 miles on it. It now has 4:11 gears and lock rite lockers, dual flowmasters, Edelbrock intake manifold with an Edelbrock 650 carb. I also have 35" boggers on outlaw rims. The fender flares work great and look great. A fresh paint job is in the future as well as custom tubular bumpers. Other future plans are a possible 460 swap, MSD ignition, winch, skidplating and a rollcage.


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Bob Anderson's 1978 Bronco Custom, Folsom, Ridley Township, PA

I have a 1978 Ford Bronco Custom, I am the second owner with 76,000 miles. The motor is a 6.6, 400 cid. A/C with ice cold air. 9 inch ford read. dana 44 front. The truck has the original radio that still works. Several options were placed into the truck from Ford. Special custom two tone paint. I am going to keep the black and the rest of the truck with be a blue or purple pearl. Instead of listing them take a look at the pics.


B_Anderson02.jpg (60406 bytes) B_Anderson03.jpg (58908 bytes) B_Anderson04.jpg (66642 bytes) B_Anderson05.jpg (79725 bytes) B_Anderson06.jpg (92300 bytes) B_Anderson07.jpg (40300 bytes)

Future plans.
6 inch trailmaster suspension lift
3 inch body lift
36x12.5x15 super swampers
custom stereo with (3) 15's sub maybe 4
dual exhaust with flowmasters mufflers





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