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Justin Shaw's 1978 Bronco Custom, Winnipeg, Canada.


I am a proud owner of a 78 Bronco Custom. I am only 17 years old. The truck was my dads truck before. I always drove it, then one day coming around a yield a little too fast I flipped it on its side. There is minor body repair that I am doing and I will be back to before. I have 33" tires with shiny chrome wheels. A 400 is under the hood with headers and a  4 barrel carb. I plan on putting some 44" tires next summer so I can go pull out all the big blazers that are stuck in the mud.

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Andy Moses' 1978 Bronco Custom, Sarnia Ont. Canada (Butt Ugly)


This Bronco has a 351M, mileage unknown, 0 oil pressure @ idle past 3 years, more rust than metal, balding 33 12.5 15, Busted sway bar, sloppy steering and a killer front bush guard. I have two other trucks, a 79 Custom to restore and a 78 parts truck.

I've owned her for 8 years haven't put more than usual maintenance in her. the history I got on it is it sat in a guys back yard with no reared in her for years. then it ended up in a scrap yard were the guy I got it from got it and fixed her up so so. I bought her for $1000 Canadian as a work truck. I now have 3 parts trucks and 1 southern 79 custom to fix up and have fun with.


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Eric Dyberg's 1978 Bronco Ranger XLT, California.


My Bronco has A 400ci engine with Edelbrock intake, Edelbrock 650 carb and cam, MSD wires, K&N air filter, dual chery bombs, Hella off-road lights, Conifer roof rack, dual Hella horns, CB radio, pioneer CD player with Sony Expolds speakers, new alternator ,starter, power steering, optima red top, 36" tsl's on 15x10 outlaws, 9" in rear 44 front, stock gears, C6 and NP205, a new drive shaft  (I have lead foot), Warn hubs, 4" Superlift with 2" body lift, dual Rancho 5000s in front and two in back  I live in the California mountains by Big Bear where there is mud rocks and hills, love mudding through the lake by my house and climbing those hills, not a rock crawler because it needs gears to do that and too much damage. Future plans include a nitrous kit, Detroit in back and posi in front, bigger meats, gears and winch.


Paul Rogers' 1979 Bronco Custom, Richmond, Kentucky (WorkHorse)

Here are some pictures of my 79 Bronco, even though it is not in restored or factory original condition, it is a true example of a workhorse. My 79 was purchased originally from Rosedale Ford, Rosedale, IL. and somehow found its way to a used car dealership in a nearby town in 1982. My Dad has passed by the car lot admiring it for over 3 months before stopping in to inquire about it. The lot owner explained that no one was interested in it because of the fact it was a low geared 4-spd and not an XLT package. Dad knew it was coming home with him right then! 

The truck has always been a daily driver and workhorse and shows over 130k miles at this time. My Dad works for a city public works, thus the addition of the rotating amber perched on the roof. My turn to own it came in 2000 when my Dad picked up a Ford Explorer and offered me the title to the Bronco....the only thing...I now live in Kentucky and he lives in Michigan....ROAD TRIP!!!!! Many thanks to Daryl Harrison (partner in crime) for the ride up there and for following me back home! The Bronco made the journey home without a problem and has been receiving work to bring it back up to its former glory ever since then, 20+ years of Chicago and Michigan salt had taken a major toll on the body and floor pans. Whatever it takes to keep it running and in our family..that is the plan!

THE STATS: 1979 Bronco Custom, 351M , 2bbl carb, "granny low" 4spd trans, NP205 transfer, traction lock Dana 44 & traction lock 9 inch, 3.50:1 gear ratio, A/C delete, Sanyo CD player, cloth seats came from an '87 Bronco found in a junk yard and new dash pad, door panels, side panels, rear arm rests, and carpeting are in the garage waiting for their turn to be installed, 33x12.50x15 Remington Mud Brute tires wrap around 15x10 American Racing "Wagon Wheel" white spokes & a Rugged Trail steering stabilizer. The plate on the front bumper was my Dad's creation and will always remain....little SUV's meeting it on the trail.......WRONG WAY!!!!! says it all in my opinion! 

"Thanks Dad!!!" 

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David Zicafoose's 1979 Bronco, Temple, Georgia.

This is my 79 ford bronco. I bought it in may of 2002 the way it looks now. I've redone the 351m its completely stock for now. Future plans include an oversize cam, shorty headers, aluminum 4bbl intake, Holley 600cfm carb, to remove body lift and do a full body off restoration, add energy suspension body bushing kit with no body lift, rebuild C6 tranny an beef it up for towing, replace 35's and 10' magnesium rims with 8" American Racing outlaws and 31x10.50 Michelins, and rebuild drive shaft to heavy duty solid shaft. I plan on customizing the interior and soundproofing the inside. It has a C6 automatic, NP205 transfer case, Dana 44 front, Ford 9" in rear and 3:50 gear ratio with limited slip. It has new bearings, seals, axles in rear end, all new seals, axle u-joints, drive shaft u-joints in front, all new hub bearings, race spindle bearings, and grease seals in both front hubs. The front and rear end has been changed over to Amsoil full synthetic 75w90 gear oil. When I pull the tranny I will go thru the transfer case an change it over to Amsoil gear lube an the tranny over to Amsoil full synthetic automatic transmission fluid. I run Rotella t 15w40 oil in the engine and Caterpillar extended-life antifreeze with additive in the cooling system.

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Roger Blais' 1979 Bronco Custom

These pics are of my truck. A 79 custom with a 70 T-BIRD 429 engine,4"lift,35" BF Goodrich rubber ,dominator carb, megashifter and stock drive train. AWESOME truck for picking up chics.


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Lonnie Gray's 1979 Free-Wheel'n Bronco Ranger XLT

This is the second bronc I've owned. It came with a 400, A/C, CC, tilt, automatic, and the Ranger XLT package. When I bought it had the Freewheeler graphics. I was stupid ad took them all off, cause I thought that it looked too "Charles Angel" as my wife would put it.

L_Gray_02.JPG (36159 bytes) L_Gray_03.jpg (49980 bytes)

 It's running 33s, has a CD player and a CB (not OE). I 'm planning on a 4 wheel disc brake conversion, and getting some more power out of the stock engine, some how? 


James Purvis' 1979 Free-Wheel'n Bronco Ranger XLT Trailer Special, Midland City, Alabama.

This is my '79 Bronco and the story behind it. I am 15 years old and I was looking for a 1978-1979 Ford Bronco. I had been looking for one for about two years. I found one finally that was a good one. This one was one of the nicest ones I have ever seen. Here are some of the factory options on it. Free-Wheeling package, XLT package, Towing package, GT bar, CB radio, captain chairs, and cruise control. Everything is original except for the wheels, rims, tires, Kenwood CD player and the spare tire cover. The paint and stripes are all original, as well as the interior. It has just 89,000 original miles on it. The tires are 33x12.50 Wild Countries. The engine is the original 351M. The transmission is original as well.

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-- James, she's a sweetheart! Do you know how lucky you are to have found this thing? -- Paul

Brad Pytlarz 1979 Bronco Ranger XLT, Northwood, Ohio.

I'm 17 and I love my truck even with it is running a little rough. It's a '79 Bronco Ranger XLT with a 351M. It's pretty much all-original. My dad bought it from his cousin in 1995. He ran it for a while and I drove it a few times and smacked a car sitting at a red light. It was kind of a weird situation, so we parked it for a while . My dad fixed it up for me when I got my license. We replaced the front clip, bumpers with steel beams (should do some damage), painted it bright red with spray paint from a local store, redid the body work with bondo. It probably needs a new engine, so I will probably go with a 460 to get some more power. So far the dash does not light up and only half of the lights work. The only thing working correctly in the dash is the gas gauge! The seats are ripped up and the rums are from a junkyard.

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Future plans include a 460, a new winch and 33" mudders.





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