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Bronco of the year for 2002

Benji Arslanovski's 1978 Bronco Ranger XLT Trailer Special, Fort Worth, Texas


2002's Bronco of the year goes to Benji's totally resorted '78 RXLT Trailer special. Benji is one of ProjectBronco's "Team PJB" members and has been instrumental in keeping this website running smooth. He was instrumental in organizing this year's PJB Club meet in Bloomsburg, PA and was kind enough to donate his time and donate lots of food for the Pennsylvania club meet, as well as handling the hotel reservations for PJB Club Members.


Benji's Bronco started it's adventure just two years ago as a worn out brown and white Bronco. Since that time he has literally completely restored his Bronco from the ground up, transforming it into one of the nicest 2nd-genration Broncos around. The Bronco features a beautiful new blue & white tu-tone paint job, a brand new blue RXLT interior that features an Alpine CD player & Amp, with six speakers, a Cobra CB, new carpet, seats, and paint. The engine is a professionally built 408M with a Crane 272 Cam, Crane roller Rockers, Springs, and Lifters, Edelbrock 1406 Carb and Manifold, Edelbrock HV Water Pump, Holley fuel pump, MSD Ignition, Mallory Dist.,4 core rad., and 2.5"dual exhaust with FlowMaster mufflers. The suspension features a 4" Superlift suspension lift, Superlift Shocks, Mickey Thompson wheels and Pro Comp X-Terrain Tires. The NP205 transfer case and C6 transmission have both been rebuilt. The entire electrical system in the Bronco has been redone.


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Benji was still in the process of restoring his Bronco by the time the 2002 PJB Club meet rolled around in July, but despite it not quite being finished and despite having a brand new engine under the hood that had not yet been fully broken in, Benji still drove it FOR 24 HOURS STRAIGHT from Fort Worth Texas to Bloomsburg Pennsylvania to attend the jamboree. Of course, the Bronco made the 24 hour marathon w/o a hitch.

Mike Wilson's 1978 Bronco Custom.


Here are some pics of my 78 bronco. It has a rebuilt 400m with all Edelbrock internal parts, headers and dual exhaust, aluminum intake and Edelbrock carb. It has a 6" lift with 35" tires. Used to be a rusty mess, but a total body restoration fixed that. The interior was completely removed, the inside of the truck was coated with rhino liner, and then new carpet and recovered seats were installed. The stereo system is all Sony and includes a receiver, 6 disc changer, power amp, and 6 speakers. Future plans include a ragtop from specialty tops and some detailing under the hood and under the truck.


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Dustin Klein's 1979 Bronco Ranger XLT, Bradenton, Florida.

This is my 1979 bronco Ranger XLT. the 351m engine received a beating on an off road adventure causing both head gaskets to go and some broken piston rings. I then rebuilt the 351m including a nice size crane cam, 4bbl intake and carb, new heads, long-tube headers and a Mallary ignition system. The body is in ok condition considering it was hit on driver while off-roading. It has a 10" suspension lift and a 3" body lift with 44" TSL Super Swampers under it on 15x14 Eaton wheels. The 9 inch is being replaced w/ a Dana 60, and the Dana 44 is being rebuilt, these both will be equipped w/ 5.38 gears spools and chrome molly axle shafts. The C6 is also getting a shift kit and a separate oil cooler. The interior is coated with roll-on bed liner and cameo seat cover. I hope to install a 8 or 10 pt roll cage in the near future as well.

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Rick Thomas' 1979 Bronco Ranger XLT, Owasso, Okalahoma


I graduated from high school in 1979, and have always loved that year of Bronco. (Probably doesn't hurt that I am a Ford Truck Fan. My first vehicle was a '70 Ford Ranger). The Bronco was in pretty good shape when I bought it. (See pics.) However, the restoration is already in the works. (See more pics.) The body will go from black and silver to medium bright yellow with a black topper. Interior will be a medium saddle with custom bucket seats from Stallion seats. The 351M will be rebuilt (specs not yet available), a 4" Skyjacker suspension lift, and 33x12.5x15 Cooper Discoverer STT's on Eagle Series 117 rims. All this I hope to have completed by September '02 (surrrre we'll see). I'm sure gonna enjoy driving this one around (if I can keep the 16 year old out of it).


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Robert Slone's 1979 Bronco Ranger XLT Trailer Special, Charleston, South Carolina.


I have just purchased what I consider to be a gem! It took me about two weeks of searching SC, the surrounding 47 states and one guy in GA selling one out from under me while I was half way to Atlanta before I found... Her. About three hours away in Greenville, SC was the 78/79 Bronco that was meant to be mine. I went to check her out and I had not even driven it or even heard it run and I was putting money on the table.

She is a garage kept, all original Raven Black 1979 Bronco Ranger XLT Trailer Special with red interior. I bought "Her" from her original owner, who is a mechanic on the outskirts of Greenville. I was told by his mother that he bought the truck to have something nice to drive on the weekends. (she told me only on Saturdays) This truck is in unbelievable condition. It does have some damage around the top rear tire carriage hinge where someone had it open and backed into something, plus a few touch-up spots. The odometer was reading just over 67k actual miles when I bought it. This guy put factory carpet over the factory carpet and plastic mats over the factory mats! I do not know a whole lot about tires, but I know that the spare even looks to be from the factory and it still has the nubs on it. (The size on the side is listed as 10-15LT) The factory tire lock is right under the factory tire cover. I think that you get the idea. I am sending "lots" pics as requested on your site to speak for themselves. I am having to send three emails do to size restrictions.


R_Slone_02.jpg (70188 bytes) R_Slone_03.jpg (78752 bytes) R_Slone_04.jpg (54256 bytes) R_Slone_05.jpg (59313 bytes)
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I am soo happy now that I have another chance in the ranks, as a proud owner of the best Bronco (vehicle) ever built.

Brad Martin's 1979 Bronco

Brad's '79 Bronco is equipped with a 400M engine, hooker headers, Schneider Racing cam, Accell coil and Morosso valve covers. The suspension features a  9" SkyJacker suspension lift, a 3" body lift,  and 35" BFG mudders (bigger swampers coming soon). Inside the Bronco you'll find a Jensen CD deck with a 250 watt amp and two 12" Storm subs.


B_Martin_02.jpg (60079 bytes) B_Martin_03.jpg (58705 bytes)

Daniel Traner's 1978 Bronco Ranger XLT


This is my 78 Bronco that I picked up just the day after my 18th birthday, I've wanted one of these trucks since I was sixteen and saw one for the first time, and have wanted one ever since, here she is :D It has a 351m, with an Edelbrock Performer intake and a 1406 Edelbrock carb. sitting on top of it. It rides on 31x10.50X15 Pirelli tires. The transmission is a newly rebuilt C6, the front has manual lockers installed. From the VIN number and vehicle tag, this was as Michigan truck that came off the factory line in August '77, so it is one of the first bad boys. I plan to put the ford letters on the hood of her. Also planning to install a set of Dynomax headers that I have for the engine.

Mark Giordan's 1979 Bronco Ranger XLT, Phoenix, Arizona

My family is the second owner of this Bronco and it has been in family for about 21 or 22 years. The Bronco has a 3" inch lift , 400 engine , granny 4-speed, engine less than 10,000 miles heads les than 1,000, miles new a/c , has power steering , Edelbrock intake performer, new Edelbrock 4bbl carb, new master cylinder, and a new modulator. It has always been in Arizona and has never wrecked. It has so many new and rebuilt parts that i can't remember them all , my sister had truck for a long time and always fixed anything that broke. It even has newer motor for back window and receiver hitch. The bronco is a lot of fun to drive but i only have one leg and its a little tough on me. This Bronco is for sale, so be sure to check the for sale post if interested.

M_Giordan_02.jpg (45616 bytes) M_Giordan_03.jpg (71197 bytes) M_Giordan_04.jpg (40010 bytes) M_Giordan_05.jpg (65492 bytes)

Joe Lelah's 1978 Bronco Ranger XLT

I bought this Bronco as a theft recovery with no power train, all the core support had been cut in three pieces and the motor yanked out. It was stock height with 31"tires. After destroying several sets of 9"gears and exploding a Detroit locker I did a conversion to a GM14 bolt rear axle and did a knuckle out 8 lug swap in the front. Both axles are 456 geared with L/S. I run 39.5x14.5x16.5 TSL Supper Swampers.

The seats are leather from a 90's E/B. I mounted my c/b between the pas. seat and the center console. A set of Super comp. gauges are mounted under the dash and a monster tach is bolted to the left door pillar just above the dash. I built new side panels with 3/8 plywood and carpeted them to finish them off. The side panels carry 4 6x9 Pioneer 4 way speakers, The front doors have 2 Nokamichi 71/4 round coaxle speakers, The speakers are powered through an Alpine deck, a 250 Watt pioneer amp powers the rear and a 100w Yamaha powers the front. The rear panels also hold my co2 tank and fire extinguisher. In the works or should I say in the garage waiting for time to install are a h/pinion d60,edelbrock high flow water pump, DUI dist., Saginaw style AGR power steering pump and brackets, perfectly straight hood, roof rack and a light bar. Soon I will pick up my new 12500# Milemarker winch and I think I will get the Warn winch bumper also. 


J_Lelah_02.jpg (17737 bytes) J_Lelah_03.jpg (17275 bytes) J_Lelah_04.jpg (71171 bytes)
J_Lelah_05.jpg (21877 bytes) J_Lelah_06.jpg (13830 bytes) J_Lelah_07.JPG (202924 bytes)

Future mods include body and paint (cheap paint job it's a 4x4), a custom rear bumper and a custom tire carrier.




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